How often do we eat beets? Most likely, not very often - except that when we are going to prepare a salad "herring under a fur coat." Well, in borscht, of course, we put. However, it is not necessary to wait for the holiday to cook some complicated salad. From beets, you can do very unpretentious, but very tasty salads for "daily routine."

Most often we are stopped by the fact that for saladsbeet, as a rule, is taken boiled, but it is cooked for a long time. I recommend baking a few beetroots in the oven, right in the peel - it turns out tastier than boiled, and then we do not use it immediately, we put it in the fridge, and then "brew" the salad, when there is already ready-to-eat root, it's not a problem.

In order not to get your hands dirty, you can use medical gloves or simply put a plastic bag on your hand and avoid the coloring of your fingers.

Beetroot with garlic - recipe

Recipes for cooking salads with beets are verya lot - and complex, and the most simple - so if not to be lazy, you can always vary your table. In addition, doctors advise to use beetroot more often for normalization of the digestive tract. (although diabetics need to observe the measure, after all the beets are very rich in sugars).

I will give only a few simple recipes, where notwill clearly indicate the amount of the product, from the simple calculation that on 2 medium-sized beets take the rest of everything to taste - garlic 3-4 cloves, cheese gram 70-100, nuts - 3-4 pieces.

The simplest recipe for a beetroot salad is a beetroot with garlic and mayonnaise.

Here everything is generally simple - boiledwhole (or baked in the oven) and chilled beets peeled, poured through a grater and add a few cloves of garlic, cut finely or passed through a crush. Salt, season with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. All business - for 5 minutes!

You can slightly modify this recipe by adding to the beetroot with garlic chopped walnuts (you need nothing - 3-4 pieces, and the taste will noticeably improve).

Another great combination is beetroot with garlic andcheese. This combination is not only delicious, but also very appetizing, when on a bright burgundy beet background there is a white or creamy cap, worn on a grater, hard cheese - very festive. And inside the salad the same nuts and garlic with mayonnaise or butter! In the process of eating everything mixes - just delicious!

There is still a beautiful recipe for beetroot salad andboiled (or canned) beans with the addition of salted cucumber - all this is cut into cubes of the same size (except beans, of course) and refueled with red hot vegetable oil. Beans take a glass or, if preserved, then the contents of a standard jar, separating from the sauce. Again and here do not forget to add garlic. And you can also put the carrots cooked or baked, enough for one thing, and cut into cubes - a very cheerful salad turns out and very satisfying.

But there is an option for beans and beets instead of salted cucumber to add a fresh apple and the same walnut. Then the garlic is canceled, still sprinkle half the lemon juice and refill with oil.

I almost forgot about the recipe for salad from beets with prunes - it's just a miracle salad (you probably already guess how useful it is in certain cases), and how delicious it is!

It's all done just as simple - a handful fills upprunes, then cut into pieces, not necessarily small, can be strewed, mixed with beets boiled (or baked), cut into cubes or straws, chopped walnut and garlic, salted to taste and dressed with mayonnaise.

By the way, meat salads, where beets are usedgarlic, also very tasty and satisfying. Meat must be boiled in advance, cooled, finely chopped and added together with a salted cucumber to a cut or grated beetroot, add the boiled egg, also finely chopped and dress all with garlic and mayonnaise. Very satisfying.

Fans of spicy dishes can add pepper and other favorite spices to salads and of course decorate them with herbs.

Cook for health!