How to boil corn?

Such a seasonal treat, like boiled corn,not only very tasty, but also healthy. In the cob contains vitamins and trace elements, saturated acids, in addition, corn helps normalize metabolic processes, removes toxins and toxins, facilitates the state of patients with cardiovascular diseases. So, it's never a mistake to learn how to boil corn properly, and at the end of the summer it's necessary to get a few cobs.

How to choose suitable cobs?

The guarantee of excellent taste and good is notjust the right cooking. Corn has several varieties. The fodder is grown to feed animals, it is more rigid and not so tasty, so when purchasing try to choose a sugar that is intended for people. Good cobs should be with leaves and stigmas, otherwise the grains may be too dry. Finally, the product must be very fresh. Such corn will be juicy and sweet, and the overripe cob will turn out to be tough and tasteless. Cook it will have much longer, and the result will still not be satisfactory.

How to cook corn?

How tasty to boil the corn?

So, the cooking time is determined by the variety andfreshness. Milk corn will be ready for half an hour, and for cooking or overripe it can take up to six hours. For cooking it is best to use a deep pan with a lid and thick walls. The dishes should be warmed evenly. Fire make small, so in the cob there will be more nutrients. Before boiling the corn, rinse the cobs and remove dirty, damaged leaves. Clean and green on corn. Put everything in a pan, pour it with water so that its level was five centimeters higher and set to cook. To salt it will be necessary to have a ready dish, otherwise the grains will become stiff. To judge the readiness can be to taste: just separate one grain and try, if it is soft and tasty, corn can be eaten. Start the meal right after cooking, because the cold cobs will not be so delicious.

How tasty to boil the corn?
How to cook corn in other ways?

In addition to the usual pots when cooking cobs, you canuse and other devices and methods. For example, make corn in a double boiler. So it turns out juicier and more saturated, more useful substances will be preserved. Before boiling corn in a double boiler, you need to clean it from leaves, antennae, rinse under running water. Then put in a steamer and cook for about a quarter of an hour, and before serving, rub the cobs with oil and salt. If you have a microwave oven, you can also learn how to boil corn with this appliance. Rinse and clean the ears. Cut or break, fill with water so that its level is higher than corn, turn it on to maximum power and set the timer for forty-five minutes. Periodically check the water level and top up if it becomes smaller. There is also an easier way - lay the cobs in the cooking bag in the microwave and leave for seven minutes at maximum power. Quite a bit, and the dish is ready.