The word "Cocktail" comes from the French word"Fourchette", which in translation means "fork". Strictly speaking, a buffet is an alternative to a usual feast. Dishes with food, mostly with snacks, stand on the tables not in the center of the room, but along the wall. The guests do not sit, but stand. This allows them to freely move around the hall, communicate with any guest, and not just with their neighbors on the table. Given this, it is very important that snacks are not only delicious, but that they are convenient to eat. In particular, the recipe for snacks on chips is popular. Various sandwiches, canapes and other similar snacks are also popular.

However, most often for a buffet tablesnacks on skewers are used. Recipes for them are incredibly varied, yes it's understandable, because it's just different combinations of different products, put on wooden, plastic or metal skewers. Their popularity is due to convenience: you can eat them without the help of any cutlery.

How to prepare snacks on skewers? Recipes, and the truth, are different, the common in them is that they are all simple. First of all, snacks on skewers are divided into cold and hot. The products for snacks are cut into small pieces of the same size as possible and placed on skewers. The main thing is not to combine incongruous.

Appetizers on sticks can be meat,fruit, vegetable. More often than other ingredients, cheese is used, as it perfectly combines with almost all products. An equally rare ingredient is bread, in some cases, toasted. Especially when it comes to hot snacks on skewers. It's time to move on to cooking.

Snack food: recipes

Appetizer of cutlets and fresh vegetables

Mix in a dish 300 g minced meat, 3 tablespoonsground breadcrumbs, half a glass of sour cream and an egg. Knead the minced meat and divide it into 16 small pieces. Form the cutlets and fry them in vegetable oil. Then the cutlets should cool down.

While they cool, you need to cut into slicestomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. Then, on each skewer, plant the cutlet, adding pieces of vegetables. You can serve with toasted bread and sauce from mayonnaise, tomato paste and garlic.

Herring with tomatoes

2 small herrings to clean and cut intothin plates. Inside, lubricate with plenty of mustard, finely chop medium bulb. Onions also put on the inside of the herring. Then roll it into a tube. Top on each put a piece of tomato and a little greens. All together pierce with skewers and spread on a plate with rye bread, greased with butter.

Rolls of pita bread with pita bread

It is necessary to take a thin Armenian lavash, lay onA plate and grease a thin layer of herring paste. Then pita bread is rolled into a tight roll. The finished roll should be cleaned in the fridge so that the pita bread is soaked. After 2 hours, roll cut into small pieces and, planting them on toothpicks, on top decorate with a slice of tomato and a twig of greens.

Snack "Fireworks"

For this snack you need a whole fresh pineapple. It is cut into two halves. One is left as is, and the second is cleaned and cut into cubes. The same cubes are cut into 2 kiwi, 50 g of cheese and the same amount of hard cheese. To these ingredients, add grapes, and alternately string them on skewers. Then the lower end of the skewer is stuck into the remaining half of the pineapple, and on top of it is decorated with olive.

Here's what a variety of snacks can be onskewers. These recipes are very simple, they can be cooked very quickly. This is another reason for the popularity of these snacks. They are prepared not only for a buffet table, they are quite appropriate on any festive table. Especially if there is very little time left before the arrival of the guests.