If you want to experiment with meat dishes according to the recipes of the peoples of the East, then you need to prepare a kebbe. What it is?

What is kebbe?
Small meatballs made of meat (often lamb) andBulgur, which is stuffed with pine nuts and butter. This is a recipe for Lebanese cuisine. In Arabic, this word means "dome". There are different kinds of kebbe - what it is, you can understand by imagining hollow meatballs. They are given different shapes, made from different meats, from vegetables and fish, as well as stuffed with various fillers.

Lebanese kebbe - what is it and how to cook it?

Regarding the shape that is attached to this dish,we can say that it can be very different. Below you will find the recipe kebbe (what is it, you can understand not only theoretically) in the form of meatballs with stuffing.

how to make kebbe
There are kebbe in the form of pies with a filling offorcemeat. In this case, the meat is simply baked, topped with cedar nuts and onions. There are recipes for this dish from raw mutton (in this case it is abundantly flavored with spices: chili, basil and mint). Salmon are made with kebbe with shrimps, and from mashed potatoes - with a filling of cheese and spinach. In Syria, this dish is made from beef and special matzo flour. Kebbe are very crispy and golden. In this country, the preparation of this dish is considered an art.

Preparation of kebbe

On the meat grinder, twist four hundred and fifty grams of lean lamb (first cut it into slices). Take two hundred and thirty grams of small bulgur and

kebbe cooking on a meat grinder
before you make a kebbe, soak tenminutes in salted cold water. Also grate or grind one bulb in a meat grinder. Still need spices: ground pepper, chili and ground cinnamon. They need to take a quarter teaspoon. For the filling you need a pack of room temperature oil, a whole spoonful of ground cinnamon, salt and eighty grams of pine nuts. Nuts need to fry until golden brown, making sure that they are not burnt. Soaked bulgur should be wrung out. Sometimes this is not required if the croup absorbs all the liquid. In any case, it is necessary to express the water and add to the bulgur chopped onions and spices. Hands thoroughly mix minced meat along with lamb, again pass through a meat grinder and put in the refrigerator for an hour. In the meantime, prepare the filling. Oil, mixed with cinnamon, pine nuts and salt, grinded in a mortar and, rolled into sausage with food film, put in the refrigerator. You can also add fried onions to the filling, about half the bulb. Form the cooled kebbe from the cooled stuffing as follows: Blind the ball, make a groove in it with the thumb (the shell should be thin enough), put the stuffing and, wrapping the edges, make round or oval smooth meatballs. The meat keeps the shape better than it is colder. Therefore, take minced meat from the refrigerator in parts. Now there are two options for bringing kebbe to the ready: baking in the oven or deep-frying. In the first case it will take about twenty minutes. Very tasty ready kebbe with a sauce of natural yogurt.