The news that very soon will open"McDonald's" in Krasnoyarsk, in the literal sense of the money, starting in 2012. Then there were sponsors able to buy out the franchise, and the developers, ready to perform the construction, then all died down. In a word, we decided to dispel all these rumors and omissions, and most importantly, to find out whether the representation of the network will get to the glorious city of Krasnoyarsk?

makdonalds in the Krasnoyarsk

General information about the Russian representative offices of the network

McDonald's - a large American restaurant chainfast food, occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most influential corporations in the world. The idea of ​​creating such sales points belonged to the McDonald's brothers, who were among the first to offer a new solution in the young at that time fast food.

Over time, the representation of this organizationbegan to open around the world. In Russia, the first "McDonalds" (in Krasnoyarsk it was not even in the project) was opened in 1990. The place for the top restaurant was Moscow.

The opening of this place on Pushkin Squarecaused an unusual delight of local residents. On the opening day, the restaurant staff managed to feed about 30,000 people with foreign food. Despite the fact that much time has passed since then, and only in the Russian capital there are about 277 representative offices of McDonald's, the restaurant at Pushkinskaya continues to lead in the ranking of the largest and most visited places in Europe.

makdonalds in the borough address

User feedback on the network

Reviews about "McDonald's" you can hear the mostambiguous. Someone likes it, because there is an opportunity to eat quickly and deliciously. Others are unhappy with the size of portions and the high price for them. Still others, of course, are children, they are delighted with toys inside some sets of products, from bright design, free balls and crispy French fries. And, finally, the fourth blame the creators of restaurants for the reason of obesity of the population, etc.

the discovery of the McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk

Entrance of the network to the restaurant business of Siberia

Over time, the well-known McDonald's networkfar beyond the boundaries of Moscow. Its representative offices are in St. Petersburg, Syzran, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk and other Russian cities. Since 2000, the American corporation has begun to probe the soil, with the goal of eventually entering the market of restaurant business in Siberia. However, it became known about the fact that it is planned to open the McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk several years after this event.

Why did Viktor Eidemiller come to Krasnoyarsk?

For the first time about the opening of McDonald's restaurants inKrasnoyarsk started talking in 2012. It was at this time that Victor Eidemiller, the Vice President for Development of McDonald's, came here. At that time, he arrived at the special invitation of the former governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Lev Kuznetsov. From that very day, long and protracted negotiations on the franchise of a large fast food chain began. At that time, the question of when they would open McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk was not on the agenda.

is there a McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk

Who was the participant in the negotiations?

In the negotiations to open a representative office inKrasnoyarsk was attended not only by the former governor and development expert, the head of the City Council, but also the owner of the construction organization "Sibiryak" Vladimir Egorov. It was he who planned to recreate the McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk. The address of the future representative offices of public catering at that time had not yet been called.

Prolonged negotiations and decision-making

Decision to open several McDonald's restaurants in the city (in Krasnoyarsk already have a similar institution) was heavily delayed. The reason for the omission was the lack of agreement between the parties to the transaction.

The fact is that the network representatives plannedbring raw materials for cooking burgers and cheeseburgers from abroad (meat from Sweden, and buns from Germany). But only in Krasnoyarsk there are specialists who are ready to provide services for the production of raw materials by the standards of McDonald's. For example, the desire to make buns for fast food expressed the leadership of the enterprise "Krasnoyarsk bread". The company has long-standing financial problems, but to solve them, in their opinion, will help cooperation with representatives of the American restaurant chain. In view of these reasons, Vladimir Yegorov spoke out against the agreement with foreigners.

when they open the McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk

Resumption of conversations and loud statements

In February 2015, rumors of constructionrepresentative offices of a large restaurant chain again resumed. This news was voiced by Khamzat Khasbulatov, who is the official representative of the American company in Russia. As he said, only for last year on franchise McDonald's it has been opened about 70 new restaurants. At the same time, some of them appeared in Siberia. According to the promises of the president of McDonald's, the opening of McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk is scheduled for 2017-2018.

Time passed, and McDonald's was not built. At the end of 2016 the question was again voiced. At this time, the initiator was the Novokuznetsk OOO "Gid", owned by Alexander Govor. According to him, it was still possible to reach an agreement with representatives of local authorities and the network management. This time he promised to open two restaurants in Krasnoyarsk, but by the end of 2017.

To be or not to be a McDonald's?

"McDonald's" in the territory of Krasnoyarsk is stillbe. This news was confirmed and intractable earlier Vladimir Egorov. The businessman voiced his version, according to which the first restaurant in Krasnoyarsk will open in 2017. Encouraged by his statement, the businessman told about the long-playing plans for the future. He said that, if the business is successful, he will open other restaurants, already beyond the territory of his native city.

According to preliminary data, the company "Sibiryak" allshe also signed a franchise contract. The deal took place in the summer of 2016. According to this contract, the developer's company undertakes to build three "McDonalds" at once in the territory of Krasnoyarsk. And although the address of future buildings has not yet been disclosed, it is known that they will be located in large areas of the city. According to preliminary information, this will be the right bank (area of ​​the Predmostnaya Square), the Sovietsky or "Sunny" and the Central District. The restaurant area will be equipped with convenient parking. And you can get there by public and private transport.

Therefore, answering the question "Is there a McDonald's in Krasnoyarsk?", We say - no, but very soon it will be, probably. If anything else does not interfere with the construction.