Who is looking for a convenient place in St. Petersburg forpresentation, seminar, training, press conference, business meeting, can come to the restaurant "Usadba" on the Northern Avenue. Focusing on the wishes of the customer, restaurant employees are ready to offer coffee breaks, business lunch or a buffet table. Customers are always pleasantly surprised by the combination of service level and prices.

The services

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The restaurant "Usadba" on the North Avenue offers a banquet hall for:

  • a buffet table;
  • any holiday;
  • organization of graduation;
  • celebrating the New Year;
  • celebration of the anniversary, birthday;
  • corporate;
  • wedding.

In the restaurant you can order Russian cuisine, andAlso cooked in a special oven - tandyr - on wood! Employees of the restaurant will help to make a festive balanced menu with a correctly calculated number of dishes, so that all guests are full and satisfied.

Lunches for tourists and guests of the city

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Restaurant "Usadba" on the Northern avenueoffers beneficial cooperation on catering for both tourist groups and individual tourists. This institution has a convenient entrance, a large parking lot and can simultaneously accommodate up to two hundred people. The order should be made three days before the arrival of the group. The restaurant's cuisine is able to satisfy the most diverse tastes of its guests.

The specialists of the institution will select the menu, taking into accountwishes of the customer. You can be sure that guests will take with them only the most positive impressions of the meal in a place like the restaurant "Manor". Reviews about him and more information about the organization of catering tourists can be found on the site.

Designer cakes from the "Usadba" restaurant

Manor house

The magic cipher of the hero of the ancient myth of Orpheus sangabout the nine Muses, patrons of creativity and art. It's hard to say which of them inspires the pastry chef of the "Usadba" restaurant to create amazing designer cakes, because there was not a "specialized" muse among them. But with this task, Erato, the muse of songs about love, would have done an excellent job. After all, the designer cakes, which creates the restaurant "Manor", is a sweet song about your sincere, warm feelings for people dear to you. Favorite fairy-tale heroes for children, reflection of hobbies of the jubilee, frozen in cream and glaze wishes - for each holiday its own idea, an individual approach to creating sweet sculptures.

Those who are loved, appreciated, and rejoiced by the heart, are the best gifts. Give the children sweet sculptures, expressing the same warm feelings, you can by visiting the restaurant on the Northern Avenue.

What is the secret of the popularity of holidays in the "Manor"?

  • Carrying banquets at home is quite burdensome. Moreover, the restaurant "Usadba" will offer dishes with a variety of tastes, the preparation of which requires the availability of professional equipment.
  • At home there is not always the necessary amount of furniture, dishes for receiving a large number of people.
  • One of the benefits of celebrating in a restaurant is the opportunity after a fun evening spent just relaxing, not cleaning and washing a large number of dishes.
  • The staff of the "Manor" will offer visitors a festively decorated room, beautifully decorated tables and excellent service.
  • The holiday in the restaurant takes place against the backdrop of pleasant light music, and if you want to dance it can be done on the dance floor with music in "live" performance.

The holiday in this restaurant can be romanticand cheerful, festive and majestic, luxurious and generous. In the restaurant you can order banquets again and again, because then you will necessarily want to return there. The "Usadba" restaurant is waiting for everyone for their birthday, wedding day, christening or for the celebration of the jubilee. The holiday in this institution will become the embodiment of your dream.

An institution for all

To connoisseurs of the original combination of tasteslike peaches stuffed with chicken with suluguni, and baskets with a delicate cheese mass with seasonings and walnuts. Children and fans of desserts for ears can not be dragged away from baked apples with all kinds of fillings, sprinkled with sweet jams and sweets.

restaurant on the northern avenue

In the "Manor" is always comfortable - and in the morning, andin the evening, and in winter, and in the summer. Fresh air on the summer playground - please! Comfortable coolness in the hall due to air conditioning - no problem! Need to leave the car? There is free guarded parking. In a word, "Homestead" is exactly that institution that everyone will like, this is the place where one wants to return. Visit it at least once - and forever love these walls, these people, these delicacies and an unforgettable atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Restaurant philosophy of attitude to food - foodshould be healthy! That's why the "Usadba" restaurant on the Northern Avenue always prepares fresh, tasty and healthy food. Choose your favorite dish - and a pleasant appetite for you!