how to fry a delicious chicken in a frying pan
There is such food, which is almost always relevant -and on weekdays, and on holidays. It's about chicken. Prepare it quite simply, and how many dishes you can cook from it - do not count! Tired of doing the old recipe, you should add something from yourself - and the new dish is ready. It can not be satiated, because it is always different and tasty.

Strike on the spot

When the landlady is interested in how to fry deliciouschicken in a frying pan, this does not mean that she is not familiar with the secrets of cooking. Simply, she wants to once again defeat the family on the spot with her culinary achievements. We advise any housewife to always have in the freezer at least one frozen pestrushku that at a convenient moment to get it, defrost and cook something original.


If you want to know how to fry a delicious chicken onfrying pan, then surely you are interested in the question of what to serve as a garnish? And here it is favorably different from the rest of the game or meat. To a fried chicken, potatoes, rice, vegetables, salads are suitable. It can be eaten without garnish. Shade its taste a glass of red wine. By the way, here's an idea for a romantic dinner.

Readiness test

how delicious to cook chicken in a frying pan
So, how to fry a delicious chicken in a frying pan,to be fast and appetizing? First, it must be fried until a golden brown crust is formed. Check for availability by piercing the meat with a thin knife. If the knife easily entered into the pink juicy meat, and when pressed, a colorless liquid pours out, then everything is ready.

Choose dishes

To know for sure, how to fry a delicious chicken in a frying pan, you need to decide on the choice of a frying pan. It is better to choose metal. Dishware should be dry, clean, without scratches.

How to choose a carcass?

First of all you need to look at the dimensions. The big chicken is unlikely to be young. The small size of the bird also does not fit - little meat. We choose the average game. It is better to buy a carcass chilled. But if you have only frozen, unfreeze it in warm water will not be difficult.

Cut into pieces

Cut the carcass in the middle, between the loinparts. Remove the entrails and other residues, cut off the tail and rinse under running water. Cut to pieces and marinate, if required by the recipe. The easiest way to cook a chicken in a frying pan is to make a marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, salt and greens for it. Add spices to taste. Spread the parts well on all sides. Leave for two hours minimum.

The frying process

Gently put the pieces on the incandescent oil infrying pan. Close the lid and fry over high heat on both sides for about 3 minutes. Then remove the lid and another five minutes fry on one side and the other side, turning the pieces. When the chicken is ready, let it cool down a bit and put it on a dish, sprinkle with chopped herbs and garlic. The dish is ready!

how delicious to fry pork in a frying pan
Roast pork

The next after the chicken on the palatability is consideredpork. You need to know how delicious to fry pork in a frying pan - and the party was a success. It's as easy to cook as a chicken. It is only necessary to rinse well, cut into slices, beat off, salt and pepper with peppers of different varieties: red, white, black. Then steaks a little roll in breadcrumbs or in sesame seeds. Fry on both sides until a characteristic crust is formed. A knife that easily enters the meat, "speaks" of its readiness. We wish you delicious cooking!