In the heart of the capital of Russiaa cozy light establishment - "Musly" (also known under a different name - "Thoughts"). The rating of restaurants in Moscow invariably includes it. The restaurant exists since March 2015.

This institution is designed for visitors who like an unusual author's cuisine. Here you can look at the whole family, in the company of friends or with your soul mate.



The restaurant "Muesli" inside is decorated in classicalstyle with elements of details from the Stalin era. The author of the interior design is a talented architect and designer Vlad Andreev, who before that worked out and realized the interior for the Mandarin club, the Chalet Berezka restaurant and the Khleb & So cafe.

The institution occupies two tiers of the stalinka, its halls in thea total of 80 people (40 people per tier). The first floor attracts those who wish to sit at the chief's desk, behind which there are not more than 10 people.

On the second floor, the walls are made in white,which dilute the dark brown columns that support the ceilings. The room is lit by floor lamps, chandeliers and sconces, made in the style of Stalin's times. The tables in the entire hall are round and rectangular, wooden. As for seats, there are also beige soft sofas with colored cushions, and blue armchairs, as well as leather brown armchairs.

The floors in the halls are covered with brown hazel-wood parquet.

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"Muesli" - a restaurant, the menu of which canto offer dishes that are not related to any particular cuisine - they are all author's, invented personally by the chef of the establishment Dmitry Shurshakov, who was previously the brand-chef of the restaurant "Seagull".

Here you can order dairy veal with mushroomsand eggplant caviar, tar-tar from carrots with granular caviar, "Liver honey" with pickled onions, cream-soup of celery with pear, smoked cod with green peas and many, many other unique dishes that will taste to the most demanding guests . Special attention is paid here to cooking dishes for a couple. An example of this can serve as a company line of bans (steam pancakes) with various additions (chicken, pork, crab).

The chef of the restaurant has severalbranded culinary delights, with which he can please expensive visitors. Among them, first of all, it is worth mentioning tar-tar in the style of Stalin, which is prepared from chopped veal marinated in smoked oil, radish, tongue and sauces from beets and carrots, as well as a salad of cancer necks with seasonal vegetables.

As for desserts, among them in the restaurant are very popular Merenga Pavlova and apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Every morning, "Muesli" invites everyone totomorrow. From 8 am (on weekends - from 10) and until 4 pm here are served business lunches, the cost of which at this time is reduced, and the cooking level remains the same.

Author's cuisine of the restaurant, of course, attractsa large number of visitors who do not like banal, monotonous food. The menu of the restaurant is full of its variety of dishes and surprises with an unusual combination of ingredients in them. That is why Muesli is included in the rating of restaurants in Moscow and has remained there for some time, occupying the 580th place out of 13,475 restaurants in the city. The list of the most popular institutions of the capital looks like this:

  1. Siksti.
  2. «Voronezh».
  3. "Valenok".
  4. "White Rabbit".
  5. "Selfie."
  6. "Happiness on the roof."
  7. "The Garden."
  8. "Swallow".
  9. "Molon Love".
  10. "Babel".

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The bar chart of the restaurant is full of itsdiversity. In addition to the usual alcoholic beverages, it has a good selection of cocktails, which are done under the direction of the chief bartender of the institution, Andrei Dolotkazin. Each of his creations is another work of art. The most demanded here are cocktails "Cherry Orchard" and "Dark Alley".

Special attention should be paid to the wine cellar,which is available here. In the wine list there are more than a hundred wines of famous manufacturers from Spain, France, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Italy. The professional sommelier Grant Marukhyan, who previously worked in another well-known Moscow restaurant - "Tribeca", is helping to choose the wine here.

There is a choice of tea and coffee beans, as well as soft drinks (water, lemonade, juice).

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Prices and testimonials of visitors

Restaurant "Musly" is very popular among Muscovitesand guests of the capital due to its favorable location and good cuisine. On various portals the institution receives quite high marks. For example, according to the users of the "Afisha" portal, the restaurant is worth 8 out of 10.

As for the prices of food and drinks, they areinstitution is quite acceptable for the capital - the average check for one person is about 1500-2000 rubles. The price of wine here starts at 350 rubles for one glass, for salads - from 450, and you can try a risotto for 400 rubles.

Additional Information

The restaurant has a free access point inInternet network, as well as secure parking for guests who come by private car. "Muesli" accepts cash and bank cards for payment.

The Muesli restaurant often serves as a venue for banquets designed for up to 80 people.

Specially for children there is a separate corner in which the kids can find several coloring books, books and a set of educational toys.

Before a visit to the institution you should book a table in advance, which can be done by phone, indicated in the official group of the restaurant in the social network "VKontakte".

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Address of the institution and mode of operation

The address where you can find the restaurant "Muesli": Moscow, Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1/15. The nearest metro stations to this place are Taganskaya and Marksistskaya.

The institution opens its doors to visitors every day, from 8 am to midnight, and on Saturday and Sunday - from 10 am and also until midnight.