On a hot summer day, many do not mind enjoyingice cream. After all, this delicacy perfectly cools, refreshes and invigorates. Ice cream was known to people since ancient times. It was made from fruit juices, berries, milk or cream. The first ice cream parlor appeared in France. In America in the XIX century, the mass production of this product. Today, buyers can choose from many of its varieties exactly the one that they like.

Ice cream: tastes and varieties

Companies engaged in the production of this speciessweets, offer consumers a wide range of options. Now in any store in the ice cream department, every connoisseur of this delicacy can buy what he likes. So, there are such varieties of this dessert as:

  1. Cream.
  2. Ice cream.
  3. Dairy.
  4. Fruit and berry.
  5. Based on yogurt.
    ice cream bounty

This product can be produced in various forms and packages, for example:

  1. A glass.
  2. Briquette.
  3. Eskimo.
  4. A pipe.
  5. The bucket.

There are different flavors of ice cream:

  1. Chocolate.
  2. Vanilla.
  3. Walnut.
  4. Strawberry.
  5. Creme brulee.
  6. Caramel.

Also in the shops are sold varieties of thisDelicacies covered with glaze from berry or fruit juice, from white, milk or dark chocolate, as well as sprinkled with almonds, peanuts, crumbs of cookies or wafers.

Today there is an ice cream, which tastes like popular types of chocolate. Sometimes and in form it looks like a candy bar or candy.

flavors of ice cream
The types of such treats include ice cream "Bounty". It will be discussed further on.

Form of issue, price and composition

The manufacturer of this product is the Mars trademark, and the producing country is France. Ice cream is available in the form of a bar weighing 40 grams and in a box (240 grams).

ice cream bounty composition
Also in stores you can buy a bucketvolume of 500 ml. As for the price of the product in Russia, it ranges from 80 to 300 rubles, depending on the form of release and, of course, on the amount of sweetness in the package. What ingredients are used to prepare such an attractive dessert? This is probably a question that interests many buyers of this delicacy. So, the ice cream "Bounty", composition:

  1. Milk fat.
  2. Skimmed milk.
  3. A glucose syrup.
  4. Condensed milk.
  5. Coconut milk, butter and pulp.
  6. Flavors.
  7. Chocolate glaze.
  8. Vanillin.
  9. Sugar.
  10. Oil and cocoa powder.
  11. Palm oil.
  12. Lactose.

In 100 grams of the product - 279 kcal. Ice cream "Bounty" is dairy. It contains only 5% fat.

Useful and harmful properties of the product

Many argue about how permissibleregular consumption of similar ice cream. In fact, like any food, this sweetness has a number of beneficial properties. For example, it includes calcium. The substance contained in it strengthens teeth and bones. Also delicacy normalizes pressure and sleep, improves kidney function and mood.

Ice cream "Bounty" contains pulp and coconut juice. These components are rich in microelements such as copper, zinc, calcium and iron. It is these substances that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body.

However, you should not abuse this delicacy. In ice cream contains a large amount of sugar, which is harmful to the figure. Therefore, those who follow their weight, other, fruit and berry varieties on the basis of juice with pulp are recommended. In addition, palm oil, part of the "Bounty", negatively affects the heart and blood vessels. Also, the treat contains lactose, and people who are intolerant to this substance should not use it.

Product Reviews

Naturally, people who even love the samesweet, prefer its different kinds. Bounty milk ice cream with a delicate coconut pulp attracts buyers with its fragrance and delicate taste. According to the connoisseurs of this delicacy, it simply melts in the mouth, and it wants to eat again and again.

However, not everyone likes this unusual dessert. Some say they prefer other flavors of ice cream. This seems to them too cloying. Others are confused by the high price, which does not correspond to the small volume of the product in the package. Someone is not so sure about the benefits and quality of the substances that make up the ice cream, and believes that chocolate with a similar name is much tastier.

ice cream bounty dairy with tender coconut pulp
In general, this delicacy for lovers of somethingunusual. Some buyers admitted that, being sweet tooth, they tried the "Bounty" ice cream simply for interest. However, they are unlikely to want to buy it again.