Zucchini in abundance grow in the kitchen gardens andsummer cottages of Russian citizens and not without reason, because they are simple in cultivation and very useful for health. They are recommended to eat for adults and children, pregnant and suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Those who want to get rid of excess weight, as well, without fail, should eat dishes from courgettes, because this vegetable is in the ranking of low-calorie foods in the very first rows.

Zucchini contain a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron andmagnesium, a sufficient amount of fiber and organic acids, which have a positive effect on fat metabolism and have the property of blocking harmful cholesterol.

Of these, many dishes are prepared in the summer and zucchini are cooked for the winter, the recipes of which are mostly simple and varied, and the dishes are tasty and useful.

Very popular in the people zucchini pancakes -perhaps, there is no mistress who does not have her own, proprietary recipe for their preparation. But preparing zucchini for the winter, the recipes are better to take tested, so that the product can be stored for a long time in swirling banks and was delicious. These vegetables are harvested for the winter in salted and marinated form, as well as in salads, caviar and saute.

Deciding to prepare zucchini for the winter, whose recipesin abundance are available in different sources, one should not grasp the first one you like, but pre-analyze it, preferably consulting with more experienced hostesses, or at least hearing someone else's point of view. This will save you from inevitable disappointments, if the workpiece is tasteless or the lid on the bank suddenly swells or breaks.

For our part, we recommend you try this recipe: zucchini with garlic, salad for the winter. The recipe is repeatedly tested, and the salad is very tasty. So, 7 kg of courgettes requires:

- 1 kg of carrots,

- a bunch of greenery,

- 100 g of garlic,

- 0.5 liters of vegetable oil,

- 0.3 l of vinegar 9%,

- 3 tbsp. spoons of salt without a roller coaster,

- 200 g of sugar.

Zucchini cut into strips or rubbed on a largegrated, carrots, grind them on a grater, crumble the greens and put them all in a large saucepan. To the vegetables add salt, vinegar, sugar, butter, mix well and put on fire. From the moment of boiling, let stand on a small fire for 25 minutes, then add chopped garlic and cook for another 7 minutes. Ready to spread in sterile cans and tighten with lids. Banks cover with something warm and leave until completely cooled. You can eat with any side dish. We are sure that this recipe, zucchini with garlic, after the first sampling, will be your favorite for many years.

No less tasty and quick in cooking zucchini for the winter, recipes for all kinds of saute, one of which we offer to your attention.

At 5 kg of zucchini, better than very young,cut into 4-8 parts, you need to boil marinade from 2 liters of tomato juice, 3 tbsp. spoons of salt, 200 g of sunflower oil, 200 g of vinegar, 200 g of sugar, 1 bitter pepper and 3 cloves of garlic, bay leaf and fragrant pepper can be added to taste. In the boiling marinade you should throw in the cut marrows, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Boil mass to spread in sterile jars and spin.

The above-described sauté, a recipe from courgetteswe brought above, it's good that you can use it both in cold and hot form, with any side dish - potatoes, pasta, rice or any other porridge, as well as with meat. We recommend using a similar saute for pizza or hot sandwiches.

According to the above-described recipe, a saute can be preparedanother, not less tasty, stock for the winter, if instead of zucchini take sweet Bulgarian pepper. All other ingredients remain the same and in the same amount.