For the cooking process, the lightestAppetizers for the festive table can be canapés, sandwiches, tartinki, which are prepared quickly, served in portions or on a large large tray. Such light snacks can be prepared for children's parties, festive buffets, corporate parties.

Snacks should be beautiful, attractattention guests, but not hearty. It is best to use vegetable cold snacks. There is where to play fantasy, to use a variety of colors of vegetables and greens when creating salads, to come up with new sauces and pastas for filling them and get new recipes for starters to the festive table. And there is absolutely no need to use known recipes from cookbooks and websites.

Enough original snacks for the festiveThe table can be made from fish and seafood. Colorfully, exotic will look small kremanki with red caviar. Oysters can be laid out on a round metal dish, with pieces of crushed ice, and decorate with side slices of lemon and greens on the side. As a hot snack, you can serve crabs, crawfish, shrimp in a deep dish along with the broth in which they are cooked. All fish snacks are more convenient to serve with slices of lemon, so as not to disturb the taste sensations.

Probably the simplest and fastest recipes for snacksto the festive table are slicing cheese, sausage, ham, smoked meat and fresh vegetables. They can always be prepared in advance, covered with a film and put in a refrigerator, and as soon as necessary, put it on the table.

I really like the recipes for starterstable, made from offal. It turns out quite cheap and original. To do this, you need to boil the liver and heart, grind in a meat grinder and cook the mince. Add salt, spices, chopped and fried onion and roll the balls. Obtain the balls rolled in mayonnaise, then grated garlic and cheese. Ready to put a snack in the fridge before the arrival of guests.

Another simple and original recipecooking snacks, which I often use on different holidays and just for the arrival of unexpected guests. Products for it are available and are available in every home constantly. Boiled eggs, cheese, nuts, garlic grate and mix thoroughly until homogeneous with mayonnaise. In small serving kremanki or saucers put a leaf of lettuce, from above lay a large ring of canned pineapple, and on it the prepared mass. Decorate with half a walnut, greens, green peas or corn. The salad is light and beautifully decorated.

I did not specifically describe the recipes for snacks tofestive table, because each hostess is looking for and using her favorite recipes, from those foods that she likes. We just need to adhere to the general rules, so that snacks can be light, beautiful, tasty and original, pleasing to the eyes of guests and housewives, were very different, taking into account the taste characteristics of the invited guests.

And we should never forget that it is better to cook less snacks, using only healthy snack foods, than the abundance of monotonous and heavy for digesting hot snacks.

And be sure to pay attention to the dishes, inwhich serves snacks and salads. Raw vegetables are best served in wide dishes in flat dishes, it is more convenient to put portion snacks on the table in small vases. Puffed salads look more original in a glass deep dish, hot appetizers keep the heat in smaller deep dishes longer. Canapes and sandwiches are most conveniently placed on a flat tray, separately from the common table.