Preparing for the celebration at home,most housewives pay attention only to cooking and decorating the main dishes. But snacks for the festive table play no less important role. They can be served in breaks between main dishes. In addition, properly prepared snacks stir up appetite and

Snacks for festive table
allow you to enjoy other culinary masterpieces in full. Therefore, it is very important to give special attention to their preparation.

Festive second dishes, of course, should besuitably decorated. This is what creates the most unique sense of celebration. However, snacks should not be served on the table in a careless manner. Spend some time and imagination. As a result, even the most banal snacks will turn into a real culinary masterpiece.

Salad rolls

To please their guests with something original, light and fresh, you can submit to the table this is not quite an ordinary dish. Such a roll with a filling of

Festive second courses
This salad is created quite quickly, but it is like everyone without exception. To prepare this snack for the festive table you will need the following products:

  • flour (5 table spoons);
  • chicken eggs (5 pieces);
  • 100-150 grams of mayonnaise (you can use light);
  • milk (3 table spoons);
  • crab sticks (1 pack);
  • 3-4 hard-boiled chicken eggs;
  • garlic (2 or 3 denticles);
  • vegetable oil (2 tablespoons);
  • 20 grams of cheese of hard varieties;
  • any greens.

As you can see, snacks for the festive table do not require the stock of some rare or exotic products. All the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen even on a weekday.

Let's start cooking. Let's start with the filling of the roll. Grate the eggs and cheese with boiled eggs. Grind the garlic. This can be done with a special unit or just gently cut the denticles. Garlic and cheese must be mixed with mayonnaise. Omelet from flour, raw eggs and milk will serve as the basis for this snack. Festive dishes must also look appropriate. The omelet should turn out thin, instead of magnificent. We give it some time to cool down, after which carefully lay out the filling of cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. At the very edge you need to put pieces of eggs, crab sticks and green leaves. After that, the omelette can be rolled up and placed in a food film. Before serving, it should be cooled for a couple of hours.

Stuffing eggs

Appetizers for a festive table can be much easier. One of the most

popular options are stuffed eggs. To prepare this dish, take the following ingredients:

  • tomato paste (1 teaspoon);
  • mayonnaise (2,5 table spoons);
  • a bank of small sprats in oil;
  • 1 tablespoon with a slice of grated hard cheese;
  • 10 chicken eggs;
  • garlic (2 cloves);
  • pepper and salt.

Eggs boil hard, cleanse the shell andcut into two halves. After this, carefully remove the yolk with a teaspoon. It must be mixed with mayonnaise, chopped garlic (preferably using a special crush), salt, tomato paste, pepper, butter from sprats and cheese. To make the mass homogeneous, use a blender. Using a special confectionery syringe or a bag with a large nozzle, squeeze the filling into the base of boiled eggs. To give the snack its originality, place one fish from the sprat at the center of the yolk mass. Serve on the table in the design of the leaves of fresh salad.