Cafe Beryozka in Golyanovo is a quiet and cozy family establishment. Here you can have a good time in the company of close friends, family circle or on a romantic dinner.

Cafe in Golyanovo

cafe berezka golyanovo

Cafe "Birch" in Golyanovo - the best place tospend a pleasant evening in this part of Moscow. A lot of attention in this institution of catering is given to the interior. It is made in white tones. In this environment, you are guaranteed to fully relax.

Pleasant eyes home plants create a home cosiness in the cafe "Berezka" in Golyanovo. Solid wooden tables, panoramic windows and an understanding experienced bartender will brighten up the evening of any visitor.

What this institution boasts is its diverse cuisine and a wide range of alcoholic beverages for every taste and purse.

The territory of the institution is decorated with flower beds andfountains. A nearby forest can almost completely merge with the surrounding nature. This institution has a leisurely and long stay.

How to get there?

In order to get to the café "Beryozka" in Golyanovo, you need to come to Moscow's Kurganskaya Street, 4a, in Moscow. This is a sleeping area of ​​the capital, not far from the Moscow ring road.

As guidelines, the Golyanovo district administrative council located nearby, as well as the Golyanovskoe cemetery and the lyceum building No. 1598 can serve as landmarks.

The institution is located directly at the intersection of Kurgan and Sakhalinskaya streets.

Menu of the institution

cafe birch golyanovo menu

In the cafe "Berezka" in Golyanovo the menu will satisfy any demanding client.

An interesting feature of the establishment is the fixed cost of all first courses. In 180 rubles you will be served brand soup of the day (every day a new one), borsch, kharcho, chicken and mushroom soups.

Local chefs can make shish kebab on request. You can choose from salmon, trout, sea bass, dorado, pork neck, loin, pork brisket, mutton pulp, veal.

The institution serves several types of khinkali. Fried, classic, fried with cheese and boiled with cheese.

Of hot meat dishes, the waiter is obligatory for youwill advise a chicken of tobacco, veal in French, a tongue baked with vegetables, tongue with mushrooms, veal with vegetables, lamb hamshlam with vegetables, even roast at home.

From the menu, you already understood that the main focusis given to Russian and Asian cuisine. So here you can try well-known dishes, and if you want to taste rare delicacies. They are in the section of hot fish dishes. Here, and salmon in caviar sauce, and salmon steak with vegetables, and seabass baked with vegetables, and salmon roasted in wine, and fried mirror carp, and shrimp in cheese sauce, and even trout baked in pita bread.

In the menu there is a wide choice of salads. Be sure to try "Delicacy", "Sea Breeze", "Caesar""with salmon and shrimps," Squid, "branded" Birch "," Fantasy "," Ideal "," Eastern "," Petrovsky "," Greek ".

The restaurant has a rich selection of beers. Both bottling and bottling. And also wines and strong drinks.

For appetite will suit cold snacks - redcaviar, fish assortment, lightly salted salmon, herring with onion, cold cuts, chicken roll, home-baked pork, basturma, eggplant rolls, saute, tongue with horseradish, cheese trio, vegetable bouquet, pickles in assortment, pickled mushrooms, olives, Armenian pickles.

Another plus of this institution is thatit has a delivery service. The minimum order amount is 500 rubles. Both the cafe and the delivery service are open from 11 am and until midnight every day.

Guest Reviews

cafe birch reviews

ABOUT cafe "Birch" reviews a lot. Most of them note that the quality of the kitchen, this institution remains one of the best in Golyanovo.

At the same time from time to time you have to deal with a low level of service and outright rudeness.