In addition to all the usual sweat and mushrooms in the forestyou can meet a moss of a moss. How to cook it, know not all. And very vain, because the dishes from it are obtained excellent. Appetizing soup, delicious blanks for the winter, original salads or just toasted potatoes with mushrooms, any dish will be successful at

How to cook mushrooms?
use of mosses. The main thing is to know how to cook it properly.

Nourishing mushroom soup

Understanding how to prepare mushrooms mosses, it is worthstart with a recipe for an excellent soup. Half a kilogram of mushrooms will require a few medium-sized potatoes, two tablespoons of pearl barley, one bulb, greens, spices, sour cream and butter to taste. If desired, the soup can be cooked on meat broth. If you decide to make it on the water, pour into a pan four liters and send to the stove. Before cooking mushrooms moss in the soup, they should be prepared. Rinse and clean, fry with salt on a hot frying pan. After seven minutes, add the chopped onions. A little fry and put in boiling water in a pan. Add a tablespoon of salt and a washed barley. After ten minutes, place in the soup peeled and cut into small cubes potatoes. Cook for a quarter of an hour, then serve to the table with

Mushroom moss: how to cook?
white bread, sour cream and fresh green onions.

Harvest for the winter

Mushroom moss - edible, but undeservedlyunpopular. Honey mushrooms or chanterelles can be found in home sunflower recipes much more often. Meanwhile, marinated by this recipe, the moss-bears will surely please the whole family. For marinade, you need a couple of spoons of salt, a few bay leaves, half a spoonful of acetic essence, two buds of cloves, a little pepper in peas, and a tablespoon of sugar for a marinade. Rinse and rinse the mushrooms, place in a saucepan and boil in salted water with spices, a couple of minutes before cooking, adding vinegar to the dish. Before preparing mushrooms for moss after boiling on, you need to cover them with gauze and clean for a couple of days in a cool place right in the pan. The prepared product should be washed, spread on cans, pour the marinade from the ingredients listed at the beginning of the recipe, screwed with lids and put on

Mushroom flyable edible
storage. After two weeks, the workpiece can already be fed to the table.

Potato Cutlets

For a few potatoes you will need a pairmoss, two chicken yolks, salt, fresh parsley and thyme, garlic, two-thirds of a glass of cream, butter with vegetable. Fry the mushrooms on a mixture of oils, pepper, salt and add crushed garlic and greens. Wash potatoes, peel them, cut them into small slices, boil them and chop them in a mash, tie the yolks. Vlepite from the dough tortillas, in each put stuffing from mushrooms and wrap the edges. Beforehand, put aside a portion of the filling separately. After frying cutlets to a ruddy crust, make the sauce from the remaining mushrooms, just filling them with cream and bringing to a boil. When serving such cutlets on the table, it is very tasty to pour the resulting creamy sauce from above. Knowing how to cook mushrooms mosses in this way, you can always please the family.