"McDonald's" is a favorite place forsnacks or a dense dinner for many residents of almost all countries and cities. During work or study at the institute there is no better moment than lunch. Most people agree with the opinion that food from McDonald's is harmful to health, but still many of them eat such food. And the most favorite dish they have is a hamburger. "McDonald's" is famous for its special recipe for cooking its dishes.

Hamburger McDonald's

Myths or reality? Stories about hamburgers from "McDonald's"

There are a lot of rumors about harm to the health of foodfrom the cafe. Not an exception is the hamburger "McDonald's". Not such a harmful food, as its composition, products for cooking and production technology. Overdue foods, chemicals to enhance taste and addiction, additives to ensure that the finished food for a long time remained fresh.

In such kitchens as in "McDuck", where the flowclients does not decrease during the day, it is difficult to keep the workplaces of cooks in perfect purity. Oil for deep frying varies very rarely - saving the product and lack of time. And this oil contains harmful substances from the combustion process, cholesterol and also has an unpleasant smell and taste. All this is harmful to overall health.

There are also stories that the hamburger"McDonald's" does not spoil about ten years. This was told by people who, on their own experience, decided to check. For the experiment, several customers purchased a hamburger and stored it without a refrigerator for several years, checking each week. They described their experiment on the Internet, laying out photos at the same time. The longest storage period is twelve years. During this time the burger "McDonald's" was not covered with mold, it did not rot, but only dried up to a stone state.

What is added to it for safety? Hamburgers and other food in "McDake" pour preservatives and salt so that even the mold does not take it, so why are people used to this harmful food?

buns for hamburgers

Additive for taste in food from "McDonald's"

Many stop cooking at home, preferringeat in "McDonald's" and order from there the food home. And cooked with their own hands it seems tasteless, fresh and inedible. The whole point is that cunning entrepreneurs, in order to keep regular customers in their establishment, add harmful health spices. These additives are addictive due to the effect on taste buds. This food has a more rich taste, and therefore, and like more.

Over time, with frequent use of suchproducts, the usual seasonings and salt become unrecognizable for receptors, why ordinary food seems fresh and tasteless. People do not pay attention to the fact that they began to gain weight. On health, such food affects adversely.

How much does a hamburger in McDonald's cost?

In "McDake" hamburgers are not very expensive, which attracts people - its price is only 130 rubles. And the size is impressive. But at home it will be cheaper to cook a hamburger, as in McDonald's.

The recipe is simple, it is not requiredspecial skills and products. At the same time homemade food is much more useful, more profitable and tastier. It is only necessary to give up snacks in "McDake", in order to once again learn how to normally feel the taste. Do not need to eat in such institutions, so as not to pay with health, especially their own children.

hamburger like in McDonald's recipe

How to cook buns for hamburgers

Prepare these rolls quickly and easily. If you want to eat a McDonald's hamburger, but you do not want to buy it, worrying about your health, you can do it yourself. To do this you will need:

  • a glass of milk;
  • half a glass of water;
  • about fifty grams of butter;
  • half a kilo of flour (highest grade);
  • a packet of fast yeast;
  • two tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt.

The dough should be kneaded, rubbed with sunflowerOil and put in a warm place to make it rise. It will take about forty minutes. Then smear the baking tray with sunflower oil, blend the dough balls, put them on a baking tray, flatten them. Bake in the usual mode until ready, when the crusts turn rosy. Buns for hamburgers ready! It remains to wait for them to cool down, but for now, make cooking cutlets.

hamburger cutlet as in McDonald's

How to cook hamburger patties?

In "McDake" cutlets are made from the fact that evenanimals can not be. For their preparation, take fat from beef meat, which is soaked in ammonium hydroxide! This is a poison for living organisms! After this procedure, the fat becomes an appetizing meat color, it is chopped, adding seasonings and flavor enhancers.

If you are still ready to eat this, it's up to you, and if not, then prepare the food at home. The hamburger cutlet, as in McDonald's, can be made from any meat that you like. You will need:

  • bow;
  • cream;
  • potatoes;
  • Champignon;
  • salt;
  • Red pepper;
  • curry and turmeric;
  • dill and black pepper.

Prepare forcemeat from meat with onions (turn through a meat grinder or cut). Divide into two parts: first add all kinds of pepper and salt, in the second curry, turmeric, dill and salt.

We make mashed potatoes, fry mushrooms, add them in puree, pour the cream and mix with a blender.

For baking cutlets will be ideal fromcanned goods. Lubricate it with oil, put the first layer of minced meat, smear it with mashed potatoes, close the second part of the stuffing. If a burger is preparing a lot, then bake the cutlets on a sheet or baking sheet. This is a puff pastry, as in "McDake", but you can cook cutlets and without potato layer, from one piece of meat.

how much does a hamburger in McDonald's

We collect a hamburger from home products

When buns and cutlets are ready, it remains to be done to assemble a hamburger, as in "McDonald's". The recipe is simple:

  1. To do this, take a roll, cut it into two pieces.
  2. On the lower spread the mayonnaise and ketchup, put the cutlet, lettuce leaf, tomato kruglyazhok, a slice of marinated cucumber and a square piece of cheese, preferably melted.
  3. Cover it with the top of the bun, put it in the microwave at full capacity. Within one minute, let the hamburger there be prepared.
  4. When you get it, you can grease the hot top with butter so that the sesame is kept, and then sprinkle with sesame seeds.

The Hamburger McDonald's is ready! Only unlike the original, it does not harm your body.