how to cook chicken fillets
How to cook chicken fillets and not spoil it? Yes, simply, there is only one law - time. Cook chicken fillet should not more than ten minutes, this is if the piece is thick. And if it's thin, then one minute from each side is enough to make the meat divine. It is worth a little bit to overdo it in a frying pan or in a broth, and voila - at your disposal is a "boil" boiled or fried. The phrase is too exaggerated, but accurate. Do not be afraid, even if you slightly rusted it immediately, it "comes" under the influence of residual heat. Moreover, meat before consumption still need to lie down for five minutes.

We offer you several delicious recipes, liketo cook fillet of chicken breast. For any recipe suggested by us, the breast should be divided into equal portions and slightly repulsed. Do not salt! It is better to do this immediately before cooking, so the meat will remain juicy.

how to cook chicken breast fillets

It is difficult to divide the fillet into a serving chopfirst time. To understand how and where to cut, so that everything was the same in thickness, it is difficult, but very important. A few attempts - and you will become a professional in your business. Most often, one breast produces four "otbivnushki." This is the most important and time consuming process. Then everything is simple.

Ready-made chops should be shiftedPickled onions for a period of fifteen minutes and up to a day, but not more. Prepare it as follows: shred, salt, and then crumple until the onion does not let a lot of juice. Try to do this carefully. Add sugar to the tip of the knife (caramelized with a beautiful crust on the pieces), ground pepper or spices that you like, such as turmeric or soy sauce.

How to cook chicken fillets. Recipe # 1

Spread ready, oiled with vegetablebutter, pieces without onions to the heated frying pan and grill on each side for no more than a minute. Ready chops put in a container with a lid, pouring freshly cut onions with greens of coriander. Let stand.

How to cook chicken fillets. Recipe No. 2

Roll each piece without onions in flour, then in the beaten egg and salt, again in flour. Fry in a hot vegetable oil until golden brown.

How to cook chicken fillets. Recipe # 3

On a greased baking sheet lay out pieces,on them, pour on a tablespoon of fried mushrooms with onions, mayonnaise. Top with a grated cheese. Bake in a well heated to 200 degrees oven for no more than ten minutes. Cheese before the golden crust bake does not have time, but its charms will not lose.

Above we told you how to quickly cook chicken fillets, and now how to make it deliciously tasty.

how to quickly cook chicken fillets

Recipe No. 4

On a chopped and pickled piece of chicken meatplace a slice of bacon and wrap in this tandem slices of cream cheese with garlic. By the way, it can be replaced with dill, cilantro or basil, black pepper - in general, everything that you like. Form the envelope and fry in a well-heated frying pan until crusty, starting from the side where the seam is. For fidelity, the edge can be pinched with a toothpick.

Bon Appetit!