If one does not know what manti is, this is a dishfrom the dough with a filling of fatty meat, with the addition of a large amount of onions, and as a supplement to meat and onions often put a pumpkin and cook it all for a couple. Yummy!

Who was born and raised in Central Asia or Kazakhstan?(like me), for that mantle - one of the most favorite dishes. Here in each house there is a special large multi-tiered casserole, which is called a mantovarka (or mantashnitsey), in which our favorite mantas are prepared for a couple.

As a rule, we prepare mantas for somefeast, when at least 2 hostesses are gathered in the kitchen, and then we amicably compose manty with pumpkin, the recipe of which is known to all, to the whole company. Together, the three of them are moving fast and one can not "charge" one mantovarku, since there are not many mantas, as many nills. And even if they do, it's not a problem to warm up in the same microwave, or the next day you can fry the cooled mantles in a frying pan - it will be very tasty.

We at home always make manty with pumpkin, the recipe of which I offer to your attention.

You ask, why add a pumpkin to the manties? For juiciness! A real manti must necessarily be succulent. In addition, meat with onion and pumpkin gives an excellent taste combination, who did not try, believe me, this is a very popular dish.

So, to make manti with pumpkin, a recipewhich I propose, we need to knead a simple elastic dough, as on dumplings - from flour and water and salt plus a spoonful of vegetable oil. The dough should be well kneaded, kneaded and allowed to rest for a while, so that it becomes elastic for subsequent rolling. It is better to make kneading without the addition of eggs, since it is this dough that will later be better infiltrated from within with onion and meat juices, which are released during cooking.

For the filling, as a rule, take a young lamb,and for juiciness in the stuffing add more fatty fat (or fatty fat, who as they call it). But you can make manti from beef (it does not freeze as quickly as lamb) or you can mix several kinds of meat - most importantly, be sure to take meat with fat so that the filling is not lean.

The most delicious manta rays are obtained if the meat is cutmanually to small cubes, about half a centimeter in size, and not passed through a meat grinder. But if you still decided to use the meat grinder, then use the largest grill.

Recipe for mantel with pumpkin suggests onions and pumpkinstake so much that in terms of their volume was not less than half of the volume of meat. Onions should be finely chopped, a clean pumpkin and cleaned and cut into cubes about the same size as pieces of meat. Meat, onion and pumpkin mix, pepper, salt - minced meat is ready.

Now we need to roll the dough into a thin layer, and thanThin you will be able to roll out the dough - the better (especially clever mistresses manage to roll so thinly that you can read the newspaper through this dough, but since it does not turn out at all, try at least not to thicken 2 mm roll out).

Next, cut the dough into squares with a sideabout 8-10 cm. But many, including myself, do, as in the case of ravioli or vareniki - roll out a long bundle, about 3 cm in diameter, and cut it into pieces measuring 2.5-3 cm in length, and from Each piece is rolled out separate circles for the filling. The more circles there are, the larger the size of the mantles. I make medium-size mantles - not gigantic, but you do not need to melt - it's not dumplings!

For each square or circle we put, without regret,minced meat and form manti. Ways how to make a dough, a few - pigtail, envelope, rose. I do not know how to name my method, but I do this: first, snap the dough over the forcemeat as if crosswise, grabbing the opposite sides of the circle (or the corners of the square), then close the edges with a few tweaks, get a plump envelope, and then join the corners in pairs, a drawing is drawn like the figure eight or the sign of infinity.

Lattice mantovarki pre-grease plantOil and put the mantles on them in a circle, so that they do not come in contact with each other. And while molding and laying manti, filling one circle after another, in the bottom pan separately we will set to boil water. As soon as the water boils, we put the pans one on top of the other, tightly close the top lid and mark 40-45 minutes - that's how many mumps with pumpkin are cooked for a couple, the recipe of which we have considered.

When it's time, we put manty with pumpkin and meat on a big dish, pour with butter, sprinkle with greens for dressiness and carry it to the table, where everyone is looking forward to the hot!

Ready-made mantles can be served with sour cream, gravyfrom the braised carrots and onions, but we like such a simple sauce as a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise, taken approximately equally, plus a little ketchup, and add to all a couple of cloves of garlic, passed through the crush - all mix. It turns out very tasty!

Enjoy your meal!