Baking in the oven is, perhaps, one of the mostconvenient methods of cooking meat, and combining it with mushrooms is the most optimal option. Many housewives prefer to cook meat and mushrooms in the oven both at the festive table and for a family dinner, especially since there are quite a few recipes to diversify this dish.

For cooking meat in a pot you needpre-prepare the ingredients. Meat is washed, cut into small pieces and lightly fried in a frying pan. Separately, in vegetable oil, finely chopped onions and grated carrots pass. Mushrooms are cooked to half-cooked, cut into small pieces. Peeled potatoes are cut into cubes. Everything is put in clay pots in the following order: meat, onions with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms. Each of the layers is slightly salted. Then the broth is poured in such a way as to cover the products with the top. For a more delicate taste, you can add a spoonful of sour cream or mayonnaise.

You can also cook meat with mushrooms in the ovenin the form of rolls. To do this, take a kilogram of pork or beef, cut into long pieces, beat well on both sides, rubbed with a mixture of salt and spices. In the frying pan fry finely chopped mushrooms, they are added a boiled chopped egg, a spoonful of mayonnaise. The mushroom filling is put on meat pieces, which are wrapped in the form of rolls and fixed with toothpicks. The products are laid out on a baking tray, greased, topped with sauce (tomato paste mixed with mayonnaise) and placed in the oven. The cooking time of the dish can be about an hour, until the meat on top becomes a pleasant golden color. Before serving, the toothpicks should be carefully removed from the rolls.

A tender taste will be meat with mushrooms insour cream. To begin with, it is recommended to cut into small pieces of meat (any kind will suit, however, the most optimal is the chicken fillet). In a frying pan fried finely chopped onions and carrots, here it is added and a few minutes is kept on the fire meat. Everything is mixed and put into shape. Slices of mushrooms cut into small pieces (if they are small in size, for example, honey agarics, then you can leave whole) boiled for about five minutes, put to the meat. Above the dish is filled with sour cream sauce, for which sour cream is added greens, spices, ground walnuts and chopped garlic. The dish is salted, you can sprinkle grated cheese on top. Prepare such meat with mushrooms in the oven will be at an average temperature of about an hour (depending on the type of meat).

The following recipe is quite simple. He will need mushrooms, lean meat, potatoes, mayonnaise, cheese. Mushrooms and potatoes are cut into cubes, meat - small pieces, onions - semirings, cheese is finely rubbed. Instead of mushrooms, you can take aubergines and cook meat with eggplant in the oven, all other ingredients will remain the same. In a deep form laid out layers of meat, onions, mushrooms, potatoes. The last layer is poured with creamy-mayonnaise sauce (in equal parts, sour cream and mayonnaise are taken), cheese is topped with cheese. The dish is put in the oven, warmed to medium temperature, and bake until ready (determined by the potato, the rest of the products will be prepared faster).

Need to say that meat with mushrooms in the oven can becook one more way. Meat is cut into large pieces, like chops. On both sides it is beaten off with a special hammer, it is soloed. On top are placed fried with onions mushrooms. They are laid out circles of tomatoes, which are sprinkled with grated cheese. Everything is put in the oven for an hour. Serve these chops worth the hot, and garnish for them will serve as boiled or fried potatoes.