White tea, good and bad

Today, like a thousand years ago, white tea,the benefits and harms of which will be discussed in this article, is considered a very aristocratic drink. First of all because because of its high cost it is not available to everyone. For its manufacture, only the top leaves and buds of the tea tree are suitable. They are dried in the sun in a special way. White tea, a photo of which you can see in the article, got its name due to the thin villi, which even after drying remain on his kidneys. They are white.

In modern stores, white tea, good and badwhich has been studied for thousands of years, is sold in different forms. The most expensive varieties are the "White Peony" and (the first among the best) "Silver needles". This is a high-grade white tea, whose price is higher than two low-grade ones called "Gift eyebrows" and "Eyebrows of longevity".

White tea, price

The most refined and, accordingly, expensive -"Silver needles." It consists only of undisclosed buds and the top young leaves of the tea tree. It is believed that this white tea, the benefits and harms of which are not comparable, is best used for weight loss. The taste of the "White Peony" makes not so elegant the opened leaves. However, it is more saturated, because of which many prefer to drink this particular drink. Low-grade white teas consist of older leaves and waste, which remain after drying of raw materials, which goes to the manufacture of more expensive varieties.

If black and green tea pass a thermalprocessing, then white - no. That is why all the positive properties of tea tree are best revealed in this variety. It is rich in vitamins, in particular B1, C and R. White tea increases the coagulability of the blood, strengthens the immune system, is a remarkable prevention of caries. In addition, this drink has antioxidant and bactericidal properties. But if technology of production or preparation of white tea is violated, then it can bring harm to the body.

White tea, photo

In general, doctors all over the world claim that thisdrink is extremely useful for a person. But there are also single opinions that it is better to abstain from using it for people with GI and hypertensive illnesses. In any case, we must remember that white tea, the benefits and harms of which are not comparable - this is not a medicine, but simply a delicious drink. And the fact that it has useful properties for the human body makes it even more interesting.

By the way, Chinese dentists recommend theircustomers use only white tea. In their opinion, fluorides, which are rich in white kidneys, have an extremely positive effect on the health of the teeth. They not only fight tooth decay, but also prevent the development of dental calculi, which allows you to keep your teeth till old age.

And in the end - about the property of white tea, whichcan make it a favorite drink of all women. This drink does not allow the development of enzymes that destroy elastin and collagen in the human body. So the regular use of "aristocratic" tea contributes to our young and blooming kind.