bake pork in foil

One of the most delicious dishes in Europe is considered to besomething that is made from pork. The larger the piece of meat, the better will be the final result. This is due to the fact that practically in every country in Europe this meat was used for a long time, which naturally affected the traditions and national cuisine. Especially popular is a dish like pork baked in foil. His photos can differ significantly from each other, like the way of marinating or processing, but the fact that such meat should be cooked in foil, and necessarily a whole piece, remains the invariable rule of all such recipes.


In order to bake pork in foil, you must purchase the following products:

- pork - 1 kg;

- salt;

- pepper;

- garlic - 4 cloves;

- olive oil;

- carrots - 1 pc.

Features of the dish

It should be noted that this dish does not just havein its core meat, but consists entirely of it. In this case, do not use a large number of spices, so as not to interrupt the taste of the main product. However, it is to meat that should be treated with special attention, beginning with the selection of a certain part and ending with the subsequent cutting and feeding.

pork baked in foil Photo

Preparation and pickling

Before baking pork in foil,it is necessary to marinate it. First, the meat is thoroughly washed, separated from the veins and chaff. Do not cut a piece into pieces. Then, using a thin knife in it, make holes, which are filled with sliced ​​carrots and garlic. The approximate number of such cuts is twenty. After that, the whole piece is rubbed with a mixture of pepper, salt and olive oil. It is in this marinade that baked pork should be baked in foil, since it will not spoil the taste of meat, but will give it a certain piquancy. Also worth noting is the fact that the oil is added if the selected part does not contain fat. When there are interlayers or lard in a piece, it is not added, but marinated on a dry one.


After the meat is rubbed with spices, it is givenbrew for about an hour, and then wrapped in foil and put in a preheated oven at a temperature of 180 degrees. It should be noted that there is no exact time corresponding to how much to bake pork in foil. However, many cooks use a certain scheme, which works quite well. First they cook meat for about an hour, then unfold the foil and check the readiness. After that, bake pork in foil should not be. The dish is simply put back in the open form and brought to readiness. So you can check the whole process of cooking, and at the end of it get a ruddy crust. If the meat is too raw when unfolding, then when it's time to bring it to the ready, you should constantly water the product with juice that appears in the foil.

 how much to bake pork in foil


To the table, such meat should be served hotas a main course. Although some gourmets prefer to use it as cold as a snack. In this case, in both cases, do not spoil it with a side dish or a specific sauce.