Olive oil in Russia was still knownlong ago, but called it Provencal. It was brought mainly from the south of France. Although the first to cultivate olive trees and, consequently, to extract useful fats from fruits, the ancient Greeks also began. It was they who invented the press, with which they pressed the soft parts of fruits and bones, getting a high-quality golden-green liquid by cold pressing. Caloric value of olive oil is 898 kcal per 100 g of product. At the same time, it does not contain any proteins and carbohydrates. We can say that it is a solid fat (99.8 g).

Caloric value of olive oil

Why, then, is it believed that olive oil -a dietary product? After all, it is an integral part of the so-called Mediterranean diet, which, by the way, is included in the UNESCO List as an intangible asset of mankind. After all, in fact, after filling the salad with sour cream (15-20% fat), we will get a product that is less caloric than if we poured it with olive oil (almost 100%). It's all about the digestibility of the product. The high caloric value of olive oil does not affect the figure at all, because it is completely processed by the body and not stored in it in the form of subcutaneous fat. This is promoted by triglycerides of fatty acids and an extremely high content of olein ether.

Olive oil calorie tablespoon

However, it is worth paying attention to varieties of oil. The most valuable species is the "Extra Virgin" (virgin) oil. It has a distinct greenish shade and a distinct bitterness in taste. It is also called natural oil of the first pressing. The fact is that it is obtained by simple cold pressing of the fruits of the olive tree. It is called "liquid gold" (according to the successful expression of Homer). And although the caloric value of olive oil from the mode of production varies little, all other varieties are considered worse. And all because they reduce the level of unsaturated fats and linoleic acid.

Refined oil is purified by physico-chemicalway from the "virgin" bitterness, which some consider unpleasant. And completely useless for health is the oil cake, prepared from the pressing by heating and chemical solvents. While the caloric value of olive oil of the second and third squeezes remains the same high, it is not so easily absorbed by the body and does not break down cholesterol at all.

Caloric value of a teaspoon of olive oil

Correctly selected grade of provencal fat atdaily use of it leads to the elimination of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves vision. People who often use this oil in their food have thick hair and strong, healthy nails. Linoleic acid, contained in fat, quickly heals wounds; vitamins K, E, A and D strengthen muscles and bone tissue, and phenols increase immunity. A beautiful soft and delicate taste allows you to completely forget what a high calorie olive oil has. A tablespoon of such a dressing in a vegetable salad certainly will not bring your body any harm, but only a benefit.

For those who are accustomed to counting the nutritiousvalue is always and in all, we recommend using only the Virgin variety, moreover, packed in a glass container. In such bottles there are convenient dispensers, with the help of which you can target the liquid even in a coffee spoon. The calorie content of a teaspoon of olive oil will then be 45 kcal, and the dining room - 199 units.