In the city of Ufa of the Republic of Bashkortostan there isa good restaurant where you can taste dishes of Georgian, Azerbaijani and Uzbek cuisines cooked in the best traditions of these peoples. Here you can really hearty and delicious to eat in a hospitable warm atmosphere.


Restaurant "Kazan" - the institution is not very big, its hall is designed for 118 people.

The interior is made in the best traditionsCentral Asian countries. Here all the details of the interior are presented in brown, orange and yellow colors, in this combination the warmth around the room is especially well felt. On the ceiling hang lamps in woven orange lampshades. The furniture is also decorated in the light of oriental colors: the sofas here are upholstered with a cloth with an appropriate print, for the comfort of the guests there are small pillows with tassels. As for the decor, the walls have a large number of different plates painted with Uzbek national patterns, as well as photographs and paintings with images of the relevant subjects.

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Dishes of Uzbek, Azerbaijani and Easternkitchen can offer guests a restaurant "Kazan" (Ufa). The menu is filled with a large assortment of snacks (champignons with suluguni, "Muzhuzhy", "Caprese" in Adygei, fruit, vegetable, meat, cheese and fish assortment), light salads (with chicken hearts, "Lobio", "Nishona", "Navruz "," Charvak "," Tovukli "). A great choice of national bakery can offer "Kazan" (restaurant). Visitors' comments about the amazing Khachapuri in Ajarian, kutabs, samsa instantly scattered throughout the city immediately after the opening of the restaurant.

Chefs can surprise gourmets deliciousmanti (with lamb, with shrimps and chicken) and khinkali (with lamb and beef). Hot and cold soups are prepared here ("Lagman", okroshka on ayran, "Chuchvara"). On the hot side, delicious and hearty meat dishes are served.

The firm's menu items are: beef "Lazzat", "Kazan-Kabob", "Chalagach", "Chuchvara", dolma and, of course, pilaf. Grilled kebab and shish kebab from different kinds of meat are cooked on the grill here.

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From desserts, the menu offers a lot of oriental sweets (baklava, chak-chak, caramel cake).

On weekdays, from 12 to 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the restaurant "Kazan" (Ufa) invites the citizens to a business lunch. At this time, everyone can taste Central Asian cuisine at very pleasant and affordable prices.

There is also a banquet menu.

Bar and shisha

While waiting for an order on the menu or just forrelax guests can smoke a delicious smoky shisha, including a fruit bowl. For hookah piling in the institution there is a large number of tobacco from different manufacturers (Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, America, Russia). Experienced hookahs, masters of smoky stuffing, will pick up the perfect flavor mix and strength, based on your preferences.

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If we talk about the bar chart, it is worth noting,that "Kazan" is a restaurant (Ufa), which can pamper its visitors with a good assortment of branded teas (spicy carcade, sea-buckthorn with cinnamon, Tatar, with pomegranate and apple, honey-ginger). In the hot season, lemonades (with tarball, rosemary, ginger) are in great demand. There is a small selection of cocktails ("Dreams of the Sultan", "Pina Kolada", "Bloody Mary" and others). Anyone wishing to warm up in rainy weather or on a cold evening can order a mulled wine, which is also prepared according to a special recipe.

Separately, there is a good assortment of alcohol (cognac, whiskey, rum, wine). In the institution you can try a real Georgian chacha.


First of all, "Kazan" - a restaurant (Ufa), in whichyou can order a banquet for a small number of people (up to 25 people). The administration of the institution can take the trouble to organize the event on its own, thinking it over to the smallest detail and embodying the customer's wishes into reality in the best possible way.

The restaurant delivers meals to anywhere in the city of Ufa. The order can be made on the official website of the restaurant or by calling the phone number indicated on the institution page.

For guests who come to a restaurant onprivate car, near the building of the institution there is a free guarded parking. For fans of social networks in the territory of "Kazan" there is a free high-speed access point to the network.

"Kazan" - a restaurant (Ufa), which regularlyprovides discounts for its visitors, holds promotions. For example, birthday people who organize the celebration of their birthday in this institution receive a guaranteed discount on the entire menu at a rate of 10%. Large companies that have visited the restaurant also receive pleasant presents (for example, a sparkling drink or cake). For regular guests, there is a system of discounts in the form of discount cards.

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Address of the institution and schedule of work

"Kazan" - a restaurant (Ufa), which works every day. From Sunday to Thursday, guests are welcome to meet here from 12 days to midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays the doors close at 2 am.

Address of the institution: Ufa city, Komsomolskaya street, 2.