Beans are grown by people for a long time. According to historians this vegetable is more than five thousand years old, but Europeans used it for food literally two hundred years ago. First beans attracted attention with their flowering. Something, but this vegetable blossoms very peculiarly and beautifully, especially the curly varieties. To use green beans in pods came up with Italians. They did not wait for the fruits to ripen, but they tried

how to cook frozen beans
and prepare it in green. I really liked the result.

Many people are interested in how to prepare frozenstring beans. There are a lot of recipes and dishes are very different. It can be soups, side dishes, salads. Initially, it is necessary to boil green beans. In a saucepan with boiling water we lower the pods and cook for ten to fifteen minutes until ready. Then you can use the finished product for various dishes. A good bean will be used as a supplement to a vegetable stew prepared from potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, and spices. Serving this dish on the table, you can add sour cream or mayonnaise.

how to cook a string bean frozen

The Russians learned how to prepare frozenstring beans from professional culinary experts from other countries. In Russia, this vegetable was not used for a long time. Initially began to eat dried fruits, then they tried the green pods and were satisfied. Very delicious and nutritious is a salad from this vegetable. On how to prepare frozen pods, we already told you, let's go to the salad. It will require a few more boiled potatoes, onions, mushrooms (canned). Potatoes finely cut into cubes, string bean - rings, onions and mushrooms to chop. We put everything in a salad bowl, pour it with olive oil, add grated cheese on top and set it for a few minutes in a microwave oven. Warm salad is ready.

Many people are interested in how to prepare greenstring beans for garnish. In the same way, how to cook a string bean frozen, that is, throw in salted hot water and cook for ten to fifteen minutes. This bean is very suitable for pasta. For this dish it is necessary to boil macaroni of firm grades. Rinse, add green beans (it is better to cut it a little). Put cream in the frying pan

how to cook green string beans
Aslo and fry the pasta. Then add the beans, onion, finely chopped and toasted in a frying pan. Mix well and put on a plate. On top decorate with grated cheese and sprigs of dill and parsley.

You already know how to prepare frozenstring beans. Now we offer to cook soup with it. In the hot water put finely chopped mushrooms (preferably mushrooms), string beans, lightly toasted, finely chopped onions, cook over low heat for fifteen to twenty minutes. In the microwave oven, prepare toast from the loaf. Put a soup of beans and mushrooms in a bowl, add sour cream, toast and sprinkle with herbs. Also in this soup you can add pearl or buckwheat. Soup will be more caloric and nutritious. Bon Appetit everyone!