Eggplant is a useful vegetable, but for some reason, not everyone likes it. This dislike appears mainly because of his bitterness, but there are many recipes that can eliminate this bitterness.

Eggplants in the oven - a low-calorie product, and therefore, useful to people who are overweight. In addition, the aubergines include pectin, which helps to cleanse the human body of toxins.

There are a lot of eggplant recipes. They can be baked, stewed, fried, marinated and salted. Moreover, you can even cook shish kebab or stuffed eggplants in the oven. Very delicious is obtained from eggplant ragout.

Not all hostesses can be calledlovers to cook eggplant. Most of them say that it takes an incredible amount of time. But the time goes wrong and a lot, and all the products that are used in cooking are easy to get.

Learn how to cook eggplant in the oven. There are many different recipes for cooking eggplant in the oven, but the best of them are those who propose to bake them with other vegetables.

Eggplant in the oven with cheese


- eggplants;

- tomatoes;

- mozzarella cheese;

- salt and pepper;

- Basil.


Cut the eggplants across and salt them. Cheese and tomatoes should be cut into circles. Preheat the oven well. Cover the baking sheet with foil and bake eggplants on it. The baking time is 20 minutes or until the vegetables are soft.

Then you need to put tomatoes on top andbake for another 10 minutes. Now it's time to add cheese and sprinkle with chopped basil. As soon as you see that the cheese is melted, you can get the dish out of the oven. Your eggplants are ready!

Eggplant in the oven with wine


- half a kilogram of eggplant;

- 200 grams of tomatoes;

- two pieces of yellow and red sweet pepper;

- one clove of garlic;

- 4 leaves of basil;

- one glass of dry white wine;

- one glass of olive oil;

- salt and pepper.


This dish should not cause you any problemsand complexities. Wash and clean the eggplants, cut them into cubes. All salt and let stand for about an hour. This is necessary in order to stack all bitter juice. After this, rinse and dry the eggplant.

At this time it will be necessary to prepare the restvegetables. So, cut the pepper strips, scald the tomatoes with boiling water, remove the skin and remove the seeds. Lubricate the baking sheet with olive oil. Place on it eggplants, tomatoes, onions and peppers. All season with basil and garlic. Pepper, salt the dish and add oil.

Bake it all for about 40 minutes with a temperature of 180 degrees. When eggplant will be baked for 20 minutes, take them out, fill them with wine and mix. Continue to bake for a few more minutes.

Eggplant and parsnip


- 3 kg of aubergines;

- one kilogram of onions;

- two kilos of sweet pepper;

- half a kilogram of carrots;

- one kilogram of parsnip;

- two heads of garlic;

- two bunches of parsley;

- two bunches of dill;

- 12 pieces of brown tomatoes.


Bake pepper in the oven on the grate, remove from thehis skin. Cut the eggplant slices, add a large amount of salt and leave for an hour. Pasternak and carrots cut also in circles, onions in large pieces. Fry everything in vegetable oil. Scald the tomatoes with boiling water and remove the skin from them. Cut the pepper into 4 pieces.

Fry eggplants and fold them into jars, remember to shift them with other vegetables. The tomato should be at the top of all vegetables.

Now you know how to bake aubergines in the oven,and you can cook wonderful, mouth-watering and tasty dishes. As you could see, cooking them is simple and does not take a huge amount of time. If you have not previously joined the ranks of lovers of this vegetable, then now you have several recipes that will show you how delicious the eggplant is. Cook and surprise your family with new dishes.