One of the traditional fermented milk productshomemade cooking is yogurt. The benefit of using it allows you to characterize the product as a diet, despite the content of a certain part of the fat in the composition.

With the current abundance of all kinds of yogurts,desserts and starter cultures on the shelves of shops at home they are cooked quite rarely. Although the adherents of natural food try even kefir to use exclusively homemade. As for curdled milk, it has been prepared for many centuries by the natural ripening of milk. Ideally, it should be pasteurized (boiled), but many use the usual.

the benefit of curdled milk
Skipping, the milk drastically changes its composition. Complexly digestible milk proteins break down into simpler elements, and many intolerable milk sugar turns into acid. In this case, the substance is enriched with useful bacteria, without losing calcium and vitamins. The benefit of curdled milk consists mainly in the fact that it can be consumed by those who drink plain milk without problems, and people with intolerance to lactose.

This product, as a rule, is drunk in its pure form inas a drink (similar to kefir). Less often add fruit or berry fillers to sweeten it. Due to low acidity (relative to other similar products), curdled milk is not contraindicated to people with increased gastric secretion. You can prepare it by simply leaving the milk in a warm place for souring. But in order to maximize the benefits of curdled milk, it is enriched with special bacteria that are bought at the pharmacy. They are added to milk, where they successfully reproduce, turning sugar into an acid. Literally a day later, curdled milk (the benefit and harm described below) will be ready for use.

The positive properties of this drinkit is difficult to overestimate. This treatment and prevention of dysbiosis and some other digestive disorders. In addition, thanks to the content of calcium, magnesium and vitamins, it increases immunity, helps fight with avitaminosis. The use of curdled milk for a figure depends mainly on its fat content. If the product is prepared from whole milk, it is unlikely that it can be advised to those who are on a diet. But skim yogurt does not just reduce the body weight, but also remove the slag from the body.

yogurt is good and bad
However, there are certaincontraindications to the use of this product. Drizzle should be drunk with caution to those who suffer from urolithiasis. On the one hand, its composition allows you to dissolve some types of kidney stones, but on the other hand it helps to eliminate them, which can provoke an attack. So people with such ailments should consult a specialist.

Contraindicated yogurt and people with ulcers,various kinds of erosions of digestive organs. Those who have had hepatitis or suffer from liver, pancreas, intestinal diseases, also need a preliminary consultation with the doctor.

The use of curdled milk with its outerapplication. It is used for wrapping and massage with cellulite or obesity. If you wash your face regularly with curdled milk, it will become tight and fresh, fine wrinkles and traces of fatigue will disappear, and the skin will become smooth and take a healthy color.