One of the most popular dishes today arepork chops. This is a very simple dish, quite satisfying and tasty. Each housewife has her own recipe "How to cook pork chops deliciously and quickly".

It would seem nothing complicated: took a piece of meat, sliced, beaten and fried. This recipe is known to everyone, but only one knows how to make pork chops so delicious that even a true gourmet does not remain indifferent.

So, let's get acquainted with a few tips before you take this dish.

Thinking about how to make pork chops,First of all, you need to learn one lesson: delicious dishes are obtained from good and expensive products. To make truly delicious chops, make sure that the meat of pork is freshest. Store cuts can sometimes be of rather dubious quality, so try to buy where the quality is really high.

Now let's take a closer look at how to cookchops from pork. First, cut slices of meat and cover them with garlic. On average pieces of pork (let's take, for example, ten pieces) there will be enough two cloves of garlic. Then beat the meat so that it becomes softer and more tender. Some housewives prefer to rub their pork with garlic after they have beaten it. But if you do this in advance (as we advise), the juice of garlic can be absorbed well, which will give your chops a more rich and rich taste.

After this, prepare a mixture of eggs, salt andseasonings. Here you have to include your imagination and experience (if you like spicy dishes, do not spare spices). Be sure to try to use black and red pepper, and add the rest to taste. The more seasonings you add to this mixture, the more delicious your dish will turn out. Thoroughly mix a bouquet of seasonings with beaten eggs and dice pieces of meat into this mixture. Some housewives prefer to leave the pork for an hour and a half in these seasonings, so that it soaks. After you dab the meat, place it in the flour, so that after the frying, a crusty crust appears. Next time try to mix in advance the flour, eggs, seasoning and immediately put pork cut into this mixture. The taste will be a little different, but not worse. Just someone thinks that chops should be crispy, and someone tastes better if they are soft.

Now let's talk about frying pork chops. The frying pan must be necessarily clean and well-heated in the fire. Only after the frying pan becomes red hot, add there sunflower oil (approximately so much that the chops were completely covered by it - you can and slightly less). Here you dipped pieces of pork in a mixture of eggs and seasonings, wrapped in flour - and carefully put in a frying pan. So a piece by piece, and chops will be almost ready. Fry them on both sides, about 5-8 minutes each. After the chops are fried, do not rush to treat their guests. This pork is hard enough, so now you need to put out the pieces to make them tender. Spread all the chops in a skillet in which you fried them, and pour boiled water, about half. Add salt and a little more seasonings and put on a small fire. It will be enough 20-30 minutes for your chops to have a completely new and unforgettable taste.

Now you know how to prepare chops frompork, and you can safely invite friends and relatives to visit to treat them with their masterpieces. This dish will suit absolutely any event, the main thing is that there are decent people nearby and good drinks. How to prepare chops from pork, many know, but how to make sure that this dish is appreciated by absolutely every guest is known only to the units.