Fast food cafe has become familiar in the impetuousthe flow of life of modern man, it seems that in a different way and can not be. The brightest representative of this category of institutions is, of course, "McDonald's".

Just imagine that out of thirty thousandinstitutions in the Russian capital the most visited restaurant is the first opened McDonald's in Moscow on Pushkin Square. For all these years, from 1990 to the present, it served about 3 million customers! The figure is incredible!

How did it all start? How many McDonald's in Moscow?

About everything in order.

A little from the history of creation

McDonald's was already about seventy years old. The history of his appearance is very interesting!

In the distant 1940 in one small settlement,that is in California (USA), at the crossroads of two roads, two siblings Mack and Dick organized a snack restaurant. In it, they offered a menu of a large number of dishes and excellent service. Including for visitors coming by car.

In 1948, the brothers decided to optimize the wholework: the preparation of food (increasing the speed of its preparation), the speed of submission to its customers along with the quality of service. Moreover, the restaurant space became more comfortable, and the atmosphere remained as relaxed and simple as possible.

The menu has been reduced to several dishes offered to visitors:

  1. Hamburger (worth 15 cents - a feature of the institution!).
  2. Cheeseburger.
  3. Potato chips.
  4. Sweet pie.
  5. Drinks are cooling.
  6. Tea, coffee, milk.

Soon instead of chips there was a French fries - a very popular and favorite dish for today!

But that was surprising: such an interesting and competitive restaurant was only one - in the hometown of the brothers MacDonald. But the idea of ​​expansion already then visited them.

In the early 50's of the twentieth century, everything changed: the acquaintance of Mac and Dick with the seller of mixers - a man named Ray Crock - completely turned their idea of ​​business!

how many in Moscow McDonald's

It was from this meeting that the active distribution of the McDonald's network throughout the world began.

The first McDonald's in Moscow

Opening day of the restaurant was memorable not only for Muscovites, but also for the guests of the city! The premises of "McDonald's" is located on the site of the former cafe "LIRA" on Pushkin Square.

first McDonald's in Moscow

The cherished day - January 31, 1990 - was a bitcloudy in terms of weather, but in spite of this line in front of a new restaurant offering yet unknown to the Russians American cuisine, there were about five thousand people! And for the first day the institution was served by a record number of people - about 30 thousand!

makdonalds addresses in moscow

Then this network of restaurants began to expand rapidly. New branches were opened in Moscow, in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.

By the way, how many "McDonald's" in Moscow? About this a little lower.


The menu includes both purely American dishes and national dishes of the country in which the restaurant is opened.

The menu "McDonald's" in Moscow today includes the following dishes in the main sections:

  1. Sandwiches with beef (Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, Big Mac, Grand Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger De Luxe, Big Teysti).
  2. Chicken and fish (burgers with chicken, chicken wings, "Fillet-of-Fish", king prawns).
  3. Rolls ("Fish Roll", "Caesar Roll", "Shrimp Roll").
  4. Other (French fries, country potatoes, sauces, salads "Vegetable" and "Caesar", refueling, "Happy Weight" with a toy for children).
  5. Breakfasts (makmaffins, snacks, oatmeal, pancakes, scrambled eggs and so on).
  6. Drinks and desserts (soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, milkshake, desserts, ice cream and others).
  7. Seasonal products (additional menu item,which is introduced for several months depending on the season. It usually includes the following dishes: seasonal pies, seasonal "Macluri de Luxe", sandwiches, cervix, etc.

Where are the restaurants located

Now, perhaps, some people are worried about the question: how many McDonald's in Moscow in total? The answer is: for today there are more than 150 institutions! This is an impressive indicator!

By the way, the most visited is still a restaurant on Pushkin Square!

makdonalds menu of moscow

The network of fast food establishments entangled the capital. Almost all metro stations have a point of many favorite restaurant McDonald's.

Addresses in Moscow:

- Shopping Center Okhotny Ryad, Manezhnaya Square, 1;

- Lane Gazetny, 17;

- Theater Passage, 5;

- Maroseyka, 9/2;

- Bolshaya Bronnaya, 29;

- Myasnitskaya, 30/1/2;

- Bolshaya Ordynka, 21;

- Arbat, 52;

- Taganskaya, ½;

- Mira Ave., 40 and others.

Yes, indeed, McDonald's has come a long way from an American village in far-off California to the Russian capital!

And how many "McDonald's" in Moscow - so much fun for fans of fast food.