Stuffed mushrooms with chicken and cheese - light, tasty and satisfying dish. If you need to quickly prepare something original for the arrival of guests, this recipe suits perfectly.

Selection of ingredients

To make stuffed champignons with chickenand cheese, choose the right foods. Mushrooms should be large and not sluggish. During baking, their size becomes smaller. Champignons must be with legs, as the recipe will need a mushroom filling.

stuffed champignons with chicken and cheese

Choose an elastic hat. Take care that there are no spots and flaccid places. Cheese should be taken most hard, then it is easier to rub and spread better. Chicken breast should be fresh and not weather-beaten. After all, the taste of your dish depends on the freshness of the products.


Before you begin to prepare stuffed champignons with chicken and cheese, you should have prepared the following products:

  1. Mushrooms - 0,5 kg.
  2. Onion - 1-2 pieces.
  3. Chicken fillet - 225 g.
  4. Cheese (to taste).
  5. Sour cream (can be replaced with mayonnaise).
  6. Vegetable oil.
  7. Salt, pepper (to taste).
  8. Greenery (onions, parsley, etc.).

Champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese, in the oven. Recipe with a photo

Before preparing the dish, preparemushrooms. First, wash them well and remove the legs. Only the hats should remain. Now cut the fillets, mushroom legs and onions into small cubes. Fry all this until golden brown. Add the necessary spices.

Put the mushrooms' hats into boiling water. They need to boil for about 10 minutes. Try not to damage them during the removal of the hats. Gently remove them from the sieve and allow excess liquid to drain.

In the prepared forcemeat, put the sour cream (mayonnaise) and stuff the hats. To have a nice presentation, decorate the dish with finely chopped herbs and sprinkle it with grated cheese.

It remains only to grease the baking sheet with oil and put there stuffed hats, stuffing up. Place in the oven at 180 degrees and bake until done. Approximate time is 25 minutes.

champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese in oven recipe with photo

The dish can be served both in hot and incold. These baked stuffed mushrooms with chicken and cheese are very tasty and nutritious. You will not only surprise guests with this dish, but you will also enjoy yourself with a quick preparation.

What will add a piquant dish

Stuffed mushrooms will be more delicious andoriginal, if you add instead of the usual hard cheese sheep. He has a consistency of hard curd and a taste with an unforgettable, barely noticeable sourness. Even better suited to this dish is mozzarella cheese.

If you add chicken and ham, too - notprogadaete. The dish will become more piquant and interesting. In the filling you can also add roasted grated garlic, which will give the dish an unforgettable taste and aroma.

You can add half a pod of red hot pepper. He will add spice to your dish. Only here it's important not to overdo it. The filling can become too sharp.

Cooking tips

To keep the cheese as many useful substances as possible, it can be added 5 minutes before the end of baking. So do many culinary experts who know the secrets of cooking.

Stuff the champignons and boiled chicken. Then you quickly prepare a dish that almost does not differ from the original in taste or appearance.

If you put cooked mushrooms stuffed with ready-made stuffing into the oven, then the dish can be baked for no more than 20 minutes.

To mushrooms, stuffed with chicken and cheese, in the oven turned out to be more succulent, water them periodically with meat broth. As a rule, not less than three times. Then your dish will become even more delicious.

To make the mushrooms more presentable,add bright colors. When the dish is cooked, sprinkle the mushrooms with egg yolk, then with herbs (parsley, cilantro, leek, pine nuts, etc.). At the very end, you can add other bright vegetables.

champignons stuffed with chicken and cheese in oven

Cooks are advised to experiment, add their favorite spices, which create a different taste and aroma.