Restaurant "Usadba" in Dzerzhinsk for a long timesurprises its guests with perfectly prepared food and quality of service. This institution is a real example of a European restaurant with a European service, where a beautiful meal will be accompanied by a beautiful play on musical instruments. A place for real aristocrats from the first visit will conquer every connoisseur of luxury and attention.

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Despite its name, the restaurant "Usadba" inDzerzhinsk does not at all resemble an old estate with its interior. On the contrary, everything here is very much even in a modern, European way. The interior decoration of the restaurant has to hold business meetings, meetings or just meetings with friends.

The interior of the establishment is made in cream-browntones. It is this combination that gives the general picture a certain nobility. Here the halls are illuminated with exquisite sconces and chandeliers encrusted with crystals, and the windows are covered with expensive textiles of a noble chocolate shade. Guests can sit on comfortable soft chairs or comfortable sofas in gray, the total number of which is designed to fit in 60 people.

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In the warm season, the restaurant-cafe "Usadba"(Dzerzhinsk) opens for its guests a summer playground, where amateurs of outdoor recreation gather. It operates from the end of May to the middle of September.


Restaurant "Usadba" in Dzerzhinsk every day pleasestheir guests with amazingly prepared dishes of Russian and European cuisine. The menu of this institution offers cold appetizers from meat, vegetables, cheese, from pickles and spices and from fish. The restaurant also prepares delicious salads ("Winter King", veal with pickled plum, "Olivier recipe of 1917", "Cuckoo's Nest", several varieties of "Caesar"), side dishes (rice with vegetables, steamed vegetables, grilled vegetables , french fries) and soups (borshch "Kremlevsky", kharcho, ear, soup from quail, from white mushrooms).

The range also has several offerson hot dishes (lamb with vegetables, fried pig in crispy crust, beef steak with vegetables, roast in a frying pan), and hot snacks are represented by several variations of julienne. A separate category is dedicated to hot dishes made from fish. The most popular among the available list is the steamer from sturgeon, sturgeon on the grill, "Oraguli" from salmon, as well as fillets of different types of fish cooked under different sauces (fillet of pike perch under Polish, trout under creamy, etc.).

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Separately for young guests the restaurant "Usadba"(Dzerzhinsk) offers a children's menu, in which dishes are divided into age categories of young gourmets (for children under 1 year, for children from 1 to 3 years, from 3 to 5 and for children over 5 years).

The chefs of the restaurant "Usadba" also specializeon the preparation of ravioli - they are prepared here with a filling of different kinds of meat (poultry, veal, pork) and served under different types of sauce (mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup, butter). There are also two types of vareniki here: with potatoes and with cherries without sugar.

Lovers of Italian cuisine will be pamperedseveral dishes, beloved by Italians. Here we make pasta (with crab in cream sauce, Linguini), spaghetti (Carbonara, with Pesto sauce), fetuccini (with bacon and basil sauce, with seafood and Provencal sauce).

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The restaurant bar is represented by a widea variety of cocktails (Porto Flip, Alexander, Old Fashion, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Singapore Sling, Landslide), shots and pure alcohol (vodka, cognac, liqueur, rum, tequila, gin, brandy, whiskey).

Separately, the restaurant "Usadba" (Dzerzhinsk) offers its guests a wine card, which contains a large amount of white, red wine, champagne, brought from different countries.

Lovers of tea and coffee will also find a good choice of these drinks.

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Additional Information

The restaurant "Usadba" will always gladly accepttheir walls are noisy companies that want to celebrate an event. This institution often becomes a platform for organizing a wedding, birthday or corporate party. It should be noted that the administration of the institution always takes great responsibility and enthusiasm to organize such events.

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All fans of a hearty and delicious lunch restaurantwaits every day (on weekdays) from 12 days to 4 pm, for business lunch. At this time in the institution there is a special menu with complex dinners prepared by the best chefs. It should be noted that the prices for the presented dishes are quite democratic.

For fans of social networks in the restaurant there is a free access point to high-speed Internet, which can be used by any guest.

The administration recommends it before the visitin the restaurant "Usadba" in advance to reserve a table for yourself and your company. You can do this by phone, indicated on the official website of the institution or in a group created in the social network "VKontakte".

Address of the institution and mode of operation

The institution is open every day from 11am to 11pm.

The address, where the restaurant "Usadba" is located: Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region), Lenin Avenue, 15.