There are products from which to prepare meals you canvery easy and fast. Chicken fillet and breast are just such products. In addition, the dishes from the chicken differ with their delicate and delicate taste. We offer you a few simple and delicious recipes of chicken ribbons.

Chicken little bitches: recipe first

Necessary ingredients:

- chicken fillet (two pieces);

- potatoes (two pieces);

- one onion;

- one spoonful of mayonnaise;

- one egg;

- two cloves of garlic;

- two tablespoons of flour;

- one small piece of a loaf;

- bread crumbs.

Prepare chicken little bits easily. To begin with, minuscule chicken fillet. Potatoes, onions and garlic rubbed on a grater. Then we mix all the ingredients and form the bits. Next, dip our bits in breading and fry in olive oil (you can vegetable).

And the next recipe will definitely suit those who watch their figure, or those who have small children in the house.

Chicken Steam Pans: Recipe Two

Necessary ingredients:

- one hundred grams of chicken meat;

- polbatona;

- 30 ml of milk;

- one teaspoon of oil;

- A little salt.

Chicken flesh must be scrolled through a meat grinder,then add the previously soaked white bread, add salt to taste and again scroll through the meat grinder. Further in this mass we add oil and we form little balls. We prepare such little bits for a couple.

If you have a little time left and you need to prepare a delicious treat for the guests, then the following recipe should suit you.

Chicken little bits: the third recipe - with pineapple and cheese

For cooking you will need these ingredients:

- approximately 700 grams of chicken fillet;

- one can of canned pineapples;

- one egg;

- 300 grams of cheese fused;

- a little flour;

- Spices;

- salt (to taste);

- vegetable oil.

How are these chicken bits prepared? If you took a frozen fillet, then first it must be thawed. Well, if you have time to wait until the fillet itself is gradually defrosted. Under the water, it is undesirable to defrost the fillet, because the meat will lose many useful substances.

When the meat is thawed, it should be cut intoPieces and a hammer on both sides. Each piece of salt, a little pepper and lightly season with spices. Then dip the chops into the beaten egg, and then into the flour. After that, put the chops on a heated frying pan with sunflower oil.

When chops are well fried on both sides,send them to the baking tray. Grate the cheese on the grater. Pineapples open and drain all juice from the jar. Take a piece of pineapple and put on a little bit, and sprinkle with cheese.

Put the pan in the preheated oven for five to ten minutes. If the cheese is melted, it means the crocheted beans are already ready.

Bottles, prepared according to this recipe, resemble the famous "cutlet in Kiev", only from the chicken.

Chicken pieces with cheese: recipe fourth

You will need these products:

- approximately 400-500 g of chicken breast;

- about 150 g of cheese (grated);

- salt;

- some pepper.

For batter:

- two or three eggs;

- three tablespoons of mayonnaise messes;

- three to four tablespoons of table flour;

- salt pepper.

How to cook chicken with cheese? Take the chicken breast, rinse it, dry it, and then cut it (you can cut the breasts along into two parts, or you can cut them into small pieces.) Each fillet should be cut through polyethylene.

Battered pieces of salt and pepper, focusing on your taste.

Now we are preparing the batter. We take eggs, add flour, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and mix them thoroughly. The consistency of your batter should get a little thicker than the usual dough for pancakes.

Then take a spoon and put it on oneside of our chop. We put the batter chop down on the heated frying pan with vegetable oil. Put the cheese on the chop. On top of the cheese lay out a spoonful of batter. Fry the chop from both sides before the appearance of a ruddy crust. Before serving, such chicken bits can be decorated with greens. Garnish can be taken any.

Now you can easily cook chicken little bits for every taste!