how much to cook buttered
Oily - yellow-legged mushrooms with browna hat. They have an amazing taste and are therefore so popular. Like any other mushrooms, butter mice quickly deteriorate and require immediate treatment. They can be boiled, fried, marinated, added to salads and so on. In this article we will tell you how much to cook buttered.

Preliminary preparation

So, before us is a basket with butter. First of all, the mushrooms must be thoroughly rinsed from the remnants of the soil and only then start to cook. The first thing we do is remove the oily film from the surface of the cap. If you leave it on the oilcan, then the taste of the mushroom will be bitter, so it is better to get rid of it. In case the film departs badly from the cap, then dry it a little in the sun. Then, using a knife, we clean the leg and begin to wash the mushrooms under running water.


How much to cook buttered? We will tell about this very soon. In the meantime, let's go

How much should you butter?
farther: after rinsing the mushroom, cut along into two halves (if small specimens come across, they can not be cut) and put into a pan in which we pre-pour cold water. Be sure to add a pinch of salt, onion and put on the fire. How much should you butter? As soon as the water boils, set the timer for twenty minutes and wait. Experts recommend cooking mushrooms in two stages. That is 20 minutes on fire in one water, after that it merge, fill in a new one and wait again for the same time. This advice is associated with the fact that the oily males are part of a group of fungi that are particularly sensitive to radioactive elements, and especially to cesium-137. Deactivate the chemical elements soaked in the product will help conventional boiling. During cooking, when a film forms on the surface of the water, it must be removed. After the timer informs you that it's time to remove the pan from the fire, the mushrooms must be rinsed under cold water to avoid them sticking together.

What to do next?

How much time to cook buttered, we have alreadyfound out. Now is the time to think about what will happen to the mushrooms after the heat treatment. Maybe you decide to fry them with potatoes or add to the salad? And maybe you'll marinate and leave for winter or bake pies with mushroom filling? As a rule, oilmen are rarely used as independent dishes, so the question of how to prepare them in the future is quite relevant. It's up to you. remember, that

How much time to cook oil
properly cooked mushrooms is not only an amazing taste and aroma, but also a guarantee of safety for your health.

HSome tips to the question of how much to cook buttered

  • A cooking pot is best not to choose aluminum.
  • To avoid darkening of the mushrooms, add a little acetic essence or citric acid to the water in which you will boil them.
  • How much to cook buttered, if you bought them in frozen form? Also 20 minutes and in two approaches. Defrost mushrooms before cooking is not necessary - immediately put them in a pan.
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