"Pushkin's Estate" will help to organizecelebration of any celebration at a high level. Here all conditions are created for the holiday to be remembered by customers for a long time only on the good side.

Location and operating mode

The Pushkinskaya Usadba complex is located in a very beautiful area of ​​the Leningrad region. Its exact address: Tosnensky district, pos. Fedorovskoe, st. Green, 1.

Nearby there are beautiful parks and the Palace of Marriage of Tsarskoe Selo. Thus, when conducting weddings, you will not need to go far to paint or look for a colorful place for a photo shoot.

Works "Pushkin's Estate" daily on pre-orders. The conditions of the banquet and the reservation for the number are discussed with the managers in advance.

Features of the complex

The territory occupies 1 hectare. The complex is guarded around the perimeter. Therefore, guests may not worry that strangers prevent the holiday. There is ample parking. It can easily stop about 50 cars. This zone is also under surveillance around the clock.

The complex has several buildings on its territory:

  • banqueting hall;
  • guest cottage;
  • year-old pavilion.

Pushkin Manor

In the yard there is a platform for landing a helicopter. It is built according to all technical regulations and has special permission for use.

"Pushkin's Manor" - a country banquet complex

In the hall for celebrations, the ceilings have a height of 4meter. Thus, there is room and a lot of air. Also it does not have columns. Such a design helps to arrange tables according to the European type, increases the space for dancing and various entertainment programs.

Pushkin Country Estate country banquet complex

250 seats in the banquet hallhuman. Therefore, the favorite place for weddings is the Pushkin Manor. The country banquet complex is engaged in decorating the territory and the hall in the necessary style of organizing the celebration at the request of the clients.

A modern ventilationsystem. Therefore, even with the full occupancy of the room, guests feel comfortable and breathe fresh air. In summer there is a powerful air conditioning system. In winter the room is well heated by heating.

Additional services

In the summer veranda the newlyweds spend exitregistration. So, it is not necessary to be placed in close and stuffy registry offices to all guests. The veranda has sliding walls. Their design helps in the summer to organize a platform for show programs and performances by artists.

The banquet hall has an open summer veranda. There is a corner with a hookah. They can be used by guests at a banquet without a limit. Comfortable soft puffs will help to relax after active dances.

Two-storey cottage on the ground floor hasspacious room with terrace. The house can accommodate 50 guests. The cottage has a modern and equipped sauna. It can be used by guests who booked accommodation in the house.

On the second floor there are 11 bedrooms with large andcomfortable beds. The newlyweds are provided with a separate room with an original design and a large panoramic window with a beautiful view of the grounds of the manor.

In the morning, on the spacious terrace, guests can enjoy a tasty breakfast with delicious dishes from the menu from the chef of the complex.

Homestead Pushkin Country Complex

"Pushkin's Estate" has an original approach tothe appearance of the newlyweds at the banquet. They can fly to the celebration by helicopter. This move, without a doubt, will be remembered by every guest at the wedding. The complex offers a discount for this service. Its size depends on the number of guests.

"Pushkinskaya Manor" (country complex): reviews

Basically, on the Internet, you can find positive characteristics of the celebrations here. The newlyweds are happy with the organization of the wedding and friendly staff.

The menu from the chef suits almost everyoneguests. He developed original dishes with a beautiful serving, which surprise all gourmets with their own taste. With a country complex, many companies organize celebrations. Therefore, customers can tell where it is best to order additional services. This approach saves time and money for clients.

Pushkin Manor-House

The territory of the complex is perfectly clean. Guests like the absence of noise restrictions, as near the complex there are no residential buildings. Customers often note in the reviews excellent conditions in the guest cottage. It's always clean and cozy.

In the complex, there is a rule that if the desiredthe date of the celebration is already taken, then when customers transfer the number of the wedding to another they are given free use of the helicopter for the appearance of the newlyweds at the banquet.

Also, guests are satisfied that alcoholic drinksyou can bring your own and not pay a cork fee. Professional staff of the complex will beautifully decorate the products, which were additionally brought by the customers of the banquet.