Barberry bush can be inadvertently met insouthern part of Russia. Berries of bright red color appear by the beginning of autumn. A fairly pleasant taste of the berries of this plant allows you to prepare from them compotes, fruit drinks. Extract of berries barberry is used in confectionery. Probably, not to meet a man who does not remember the taste of "barberry" from childhood. If the fruits are dried and chopped, you will get a delicious seasoning, which is perfectly combined with rice. Many of the healing properties of these berries. Barberry is used in the treatment of a number of diseases, as well as as an adjunct to weight loss.

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Barberry composition

Healing properties of the plant are due to itschemical composition. So, berries are rich in vitamin C, carbohydrates, organic acids, beta-carotene, alkaloids. They also include macro- and microelements, pectin substances. As the barberry ripens in the berries, the concentration of chemicals changes significantly. The longer the fruit on the bush, the more useful they are. In September-October, after the first cold weather, the content of fructose in them is maximum. It was at this time decided to collect berries. Barberry is a very healthy berry, so the population, who is useful to grow plants in his yard, tries to stock up on them for the winter and properly improve his health.

Valuable properties

The fruits of the plant have properties thatallow to use them not only in folk, but also in traditional medicine. Berries accelerate peristalsis, normalize the digestive processes in the body, have choleretic effect. Barberry contains substances that help get rid of the pain of a spastic origin. Another plant helps normalize blood pressure, although its effect in this case is not so pronounced and against the background of hypertension may not be noticed. Tannins contained in fruits of barberry help with constipation. Barberry drink helps to reduce body temperature and reduce fever. In addition to those listed above, berries contain other components that positively influence the body, but they are no less pronounced. Berries, leaves and bark of barberry are part of some drugs and tinctures.

berries of barberry, useful properties

Application in folk medicine

Berries barberry, whose useful properties are notleave doubts, are actively used in folk medicine. Barberry contains the alkaloid berberine, which is localized not in fruits, but in other parts of the plant. This substance has an effective and powerful choleretic effect. The plant bark is used to prepare tinctures used in the treatment of liver and gallbladder diseases. Also tinctures help in the treatment of jaundice.

Barberry has an excellent haemostaticeffect, because of what it is used for bleeding of various kinds. Berries contribute to better appetite. Traditional medicine recognizes the fruits of barberry for a natural antibiotic, an assistant with a weakened immune system. Barberry berries, which are real on the water, relieve rheumatic pains. The minimum amount of sugar contained makes it useful for diabetics. Berries of bright red color perfectly help to fight against cold and viral diseases. They help with bronchitis, sore throat, cough.

Decoction of leaves helps with diseasespancreas and liver. It is also effective in inflammation, digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, dysentery, chronic diarrhea. Tincture of bark and leaves helps with pulmonary tuberculosis, pleurisy, pneumonia. Broth rinse your mouth with gum disease. The broth is used for syringing to relieve women's pain.

Fresh berries have a characteristic acidity,so they are sometimes marinated with the addition of sugar. Using berries, you can improve your condition with hemorrhoids, ulcer of the duodenum and stomach. Berries have a positive effect on strengthening the body's defense mechanisms.

Barberry in Losing Weight

Almost all vegetables, fruits and berries in one or the otherleast endowed with the properties of a fat burner and an assistant in losing weight. Among these berries was and barberry. A few facts do indicate that the fruits of barberry are very suitable for use in dietary nutrition. Berry barberry for weight loss is used based on its low caloric value, because the energy value of the product per 100 grams is only 35 kcal. With weight reduction, it is very important to establish metabolic processes, in which this plant will also help. Some caution in the application of the fruit is still needed, because increasing the secretion of the glands of digestion, they increase appetite. Sometimes mistakenly put in one row berries goji and berries barberry. Customer reviews are full of indignation about the popularity of the first and underestimation of the second.

goji berry is a barberry

Tips for losing weight with barberry

Since all berries are full and low-calorie,barberry berries, in addition to that which will have a beneficial effect on the state of human health, can help in the matter of losing weight. But in order to obtain a visible result, it is necessary to maintain several recommendations. First, you should not use berries for a "snack", especially in those cases when the next meal is still far away, and the hunger is already quite noticeable. As nutrients berries barberry are digestible carbohydrates, which are consumed by the body very quickly. Feelings of saturation will last up to an hour, even if you eat a large batch of berries. Secondly, when losing weight, you do not need to use barberry in the form of seasoning, because in the dried form it is at times more stimulating appetite. The best way to use barberry when losing weight is to prepare a berry compote without the addition of sugar. A minimum of calories, a filled stomach and a wonderful aroma - this is the result of using barberry drink.

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Drink from berries

An effective barberry drink can be veryjust cook at home. You need 50 grams of dried berries, a little sugar, a pinch of vanilla. Fruits are washed and poured with boiling water. Then put on the stove, bring to a boil and boil over low heat for 15 minutes. After the drink is ready, he needs to give 3 more hours to stand. Then strain the drink, add sugar and vanilla (or vanilla sugar) and you can enjoy its pleasant taste and aroma. It is worth remembering that this drink has a cholagogue and diuretic effect.

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Not only in folk medicine, but also in cookingberries of barberry are used. Useful properties are perfectly combined with excellent taste. Of the fruit of the bush are prepared syrups, juices, compotes, jellies, jam, sauces. The inhabitants of the Caucasus use barberry in the preparation of meat dishes. Slightly unripe fruit can be served in various dishes, pre-salting or marinating them. Often in cooking, barberry is used as a seasoning, especially for pilaf. Spice slightly changes the color of the dish and gives it an exquisite aroma.

For the preparation of spices are usedpreferably berries of barberry. Recipes are presented in a variety of options. The most common is the following: washed and filled at night the fruit must first be cooked before softening. Then wipe them through a sieve and cover with sugar. You can add crushed cloves, ginger, cinnamon and boil again over low heat. The ready seasoning is poured into cans and rolled. This spice is very suitable for meat and fish dishes.

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For workpieces, roots, leaves, barkshrubs, not just berries. Barberries begin to be harvested in early May, when the sowing takes place. The bark is dried in dryers and well ventilated. When the bush is just beginning to bloom, the leaves are collected and also dried. Berries of barberry, photos of which you can see in the article, are used for making jam, jams, healing tinctures for the winter. In spring or autumn dig roots of a bush. Harvested parts are stored in rooms that are protected from moisture. Its useful properties barberry lasts up to three years.

Berries: barberry and goji

In appearance, these fruits are very similar betweenby yourself. This similarity gave rise to the opinion that goji berry is barberry. Some admirers of miracle drugs for weight loss began to be disappointed. Another factor that sparked interest in this issue is that they were popularly called Chinese barberry. The question arises: what is the difference between a foreign plant and a domestic one, that the first one has acquired such unspeakable popularity, and is the berry barberry really the berry of the goji?

If you look at the roots, it is obvious,that only the taste and appearance of fruits are somewhat similar. Botany clearly indicates the belonging of these plants to different families: goji - to Paslinov, and barberry - to Barbarisov. You can talk about the similarity of goji berries to a greater extent with tomatoes than with barberry. The chemical composition of plants is also very different. This suggests that goji berries and barberry berries are completely different products with different properties.

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Despite all the useful properties of berries barberry, they are still not without contraindications, they must be applied carefully, observing the dosage.

With prolonged use of fruits of barberryand drugs in which they are included, constipation (constipation) can gradually develop. Do not take barberry in patients with pre-infarction, suffering from high acidity of the stomach and thrombophlebitis. Barbaris is contraindicated in obstetric and gynecological bleeding, as well as bleeding during the menopause. It is not recommended to use tinctures from barberry during pregnancy, with cirrhosis of the liver, with hypertension, as well as people under 12 years old.