Potatoes baked in the oven, more useful than boiled and even more fried.
In addition, such dishes are prepared quickly, andare eaten with great pleasure. Pampering domestic delicacies from potatoes can be daily, the benefit of cooking recipes there is a huge amount.

Potatoes baked in the oven under a creamy cheese chef.

To prepare the dish you will need potato tubers about a kilogram, shallots, a glass of cream, grated cheese.
Potato tubers are peeled and cutslices. We put in the form, greased with margarine or butter. We lay onions, shallow, shredded with thin rings. Fill potatoes with cream and sprinkle with grated cheese. For the fragrance, you can add garlic, dill greens. Bake in a preheated oven until golden brown. In this dish you can add zucchini. A potato baked with sour cream is also good. Just replace the cream with the same amount of sour cream 15% fat.

Stuffed potatoes baked in the oven.

You will need large potato tubers, champignons, onions, mayonnaise. The number of products is calculated based on the amount of potatoes.
Champignons are cleaned, cut into slices. Shink onions and fry together with mushrooms until half cooked. Potatoes are cleaned, cut off the lower rounded part and cut out the core so that a deep notch is obtained. We fill the potatoes with onion and mushroom mixture. We place the tubers on a baking sheet and put a spoonful of mayonnaise on top of each. We bake for 35 minutes. Such stuffed potatoes baked in the oven may well be a festive dish.

Potato skins.

This potato baked in the oven has a special piquant taste, thanks to the two types of cheese used in cooking.

For cooking, you need 1 kg of potatoes,a glass of thick sour cream, a bulb, a small head of garlic, frying oil, 100 gr of grated cheddar cheese and parmesan, a few thin slices of bacon, a bunch of green onions.

To prepare this dish, potatoespre-baked in foil for half an hour. Then cut the tubers in half and remove the core. Once again cut in half and fry for a couple of minutes in the preheated oil.
We spread the slices of potatoes into a mold forbaking. We cut bacon into strips, mix it with cheese and cover with this mixture potatoes. Bake until the melting of the cheese. Sprinkle the potatoes with green onions.
We serve a dish with chilled cream sauce. For its preparation, onions are shredded as small as possible, mixed with sour cream and chopped garlic.

Potatoes in bacon

A few potato tubers are required for cooking. a small piece of cheese, bacon or lard, greens (onions, dill), packing toothpicks.
Potato tubers are cleaned and wrapped in thin slices of fat. We fasten toothpicks. We put it on a baking sheet and bake until ready.
Serve with sprinkle of herbs and cheese.
To potatoes baked with bacon cooked faster, the tubers can be pre-cooked in the skin.

Little baby - potato

This dish can be prepared not only in the windcloset, but also on the grill. As a filling use onions, cheese, pickled or fresh mushrooms, ham, capers. You can make a filling from any of the ingredients.
Stuff larger potatoes better. My tubers are carefully, and wrapped in foil. Bake in the oven or on the grate. Lightly cool the tubers, unfold and cut. Inside, lay out the filling and serve directly in the foil.

For the filling, mix the capers finely chopped withsour cream, season with chopped dill. You can mix marinated mushrooms with onions or fry in fresh oil. Perfectly suits as a filler cheese with garlic and mayonnaise.

If you are going to cook stuffed potatoes in the nature, make several types of fillings in advance.