Adjika (the recipe without cooking is presented below)prepares surprisingly quickly, but it turns out very tasty and useful. It should be noted that such a hot dressing sauce should only be done during the season of ripening of vegetables. It is at this time of year that there are no problems with the acquisition of all the required ingredients.

adjika recipe without cooking

Delicious hot adzhika: recipe without cooking

Required components

  • Red tomatoes ripe - 4 kg.
  • Chili pepper - 3 small pieces.
  • Sweet pepper Bulgarian red color - 1,5 kg.
  • Garlic fresh large - 200 gr.
  • Apple vinegar 9% - 200 ml.
  • Sea salt is fine - 2 large spoons.

Choice of basic ingredients

Recipe for home adzhika without cooking providesUse only ripe and intact vegetables. After all, if you do not comply with these requirements and get overripe ingredients that are about to start to deteriorate, the cooked sauce will not last for a long time, nor will it have a special flavor and aroma.

Preparation of main ingredients

home-made adzhika recipe without cooking
To make home adjika (recipe without cooking includesin itself a minimum of components) it has turned out tasty, it is necessary to process well each ingredient. To do this, rinse the ripe tomatoes and dry them with towels. Further it is required to wash the Bulgarian pepper, cut off the peduncle, but at the same time leave the internal septums and seeds in place. You should also clean the cloves of garlic and prepare a hot chili (remove the stem).

Vegetable processing

It is worth noting that the recipe adzhiki without cookingrequires the mandatory use of meat grinder or blender. After all, only with the help of these kitchen devices you will get a delicious homogeneous sauce. In order to cook it, you need to crush the following ingredients in the gruel: red tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, cloves of garlic and chili. After that, all these ingredients are required to be mixed, previously flavored with 9% apple cider vinegar and shallow sea salt. Next, cooked sauce should be covered with a newspaper or a towel and left aside exactly for 1 hour. After a lapse of 60 minutes, the adjika is recommended to mix again with a large spoon.

Forming the workpiece

recipe for adzhika without cooking
Adjika (recipe without cooking is presented a littleabove) can be stored in the refrigerator throughout the autumn and winter season. But before that, a sharp and fragrant sauce should be distributed on dry glass jars. Sterilize them unnecessarily, as the billet is not intended for long-term storage in the cellar. After that, the finished adzhika should be covered with plastic or glass lids.

It should be especially noted that the sauce of fresh vegetables,made without the use of heat treatment, preserves all its vitamins and nutrients. That is why such procurement is very popular among those who monitor their nutrition and health.

You can use homemade Adzhika without cooking immediately after cooking. Usually it is served to dishes such as dumplings, manti, etc.