The unprecedented pace of human progress andcomprehensive development led not only to positive results, but also to negative consequences. One of the most dangerous inventions of humanity can be considered GMOs. Decoding is genetically modified organisms. Simply put, GMOs are a way of improving modern food with the help of genetic engineering. Thanks to this technology, products can be grown without the use of pesticides, which is very beneficial. The quantity of a crop increases, and consequently, the products become cheaper, so people do not have to starve.

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GMO products in Russia, as well as all over the world,are considered a kind of "black box", because their influence on the body has not been fully understood. Nobody really knows how to use genetically modified foods in such a way as not to harm the health of a person. Meanwhile, many modern studies show that they have far from a positive effect on our body.

Watching the TV shows about the dangers of GMOs andhaving read ominous articles on the Internet, people massively begin to refuse from the modified products, in order to protect their health. However, unfortunately, today it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a product that does not contain genetically modified organisms, especially if you are shopping in markets and supermarkets. There are several types of GMOs, their decoding is freely available, as well as information about the most dangerous products.

For example, not all products with the inscription "Without GMO"do not really contain modified elements. If you are a fan of chocolate, yogurt, candy or baking, look at the composition. You will be unpleasantly surprised to discover such substances as E322 and E951, which are the most that neither is GMOs. Their decoding is as follows: lecithin and aspartame, the latter produces the most dangerous substance formaldehyde, and also releases methanol under strong heating. The influence of these not very useful substances on the body can be limited to an easy allergy, but in some cases causes seizures, loss of hearing, a rash and loss of consciousness.

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To somehow protect people from eatingscientists, GMO products, Greenpeace published an official black list of GMOs, which included such famous companies as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Lipton, Ferrero, Sprite, Knorr, Milky Way, Twix, Heinz, Danon and even one of the most popular manufacturers of baby food HIPP!

However, some people, given panic,take for dangerous GMOs are completely harmless foods. For example, there is an opinion that soy is extremely harmful, but it is not so. Normal soy contains many useful microelements and vitamins, but about 70% of soy manufacturers use GMOs. The decoding of the sinister record "modified starch" only means that it was created chemically, but this does not mean that the manufacturer used GMOs at the same time.

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Throughout Europe, GMOs have picked up a specialapproach: in all stores for these products are allocated a separate sector, so that the buyer knows exactly what he is getting. In Russia, however, the buyer should be attentive, as sometimes a harmless product is very difficult to distinguish from containing GMOs. The decoding of the "vegetable protein" entry indicates that transgenic soybean was used in the manufacture of the product. There are many such examples!

To protect yourself and your family fromuse harmful transgenic products, do not buy a dubious kind of semi-finished products and set a ban on fast food - that's how you can minimize the consumption of GMOs.