why the pickle in the cucumber becomes turbid

Well, finally, the dacha season is over, anda pleasant result of summer work was the shelves in the cellar or cellar, tightly packed with jars of domestic preservation. Unfortunately, after a while you suddenly notice that the brine has become clouded in pickled cucumbers in some containers. And with one jar, even the lid was torn off due to fermentation. But the process of preparation has invested so much effort, time and effort! What could be the reason? Surely in this article you will find the answers to the questions you are interested in.

The first reason why the pickle in the cucumber becomes turbid: insufficient sterility of cans and purity of food

First it is worth considering how correcttechnology of pretreatment of cans. Many housewives are limited only to washing glass containers with hot water, using baking soda. However, it will be more reliable to additionally sterilize empty cans. The easiest option - install them on a special stand over the boiling water in the pan. Five minutes of warming will be enough. You can also sterilize the jars in the oven or microwave. Also, take care of the good washing of all used ingredients, from cucumbers to spices (horseradish leaves, dill umbrellas, etc.).

why the brine becomes turbid

The second reason: clouded brine in jars due to poor sterilization or sealing

Hot preservation treatment can take placetwo ways. In the first variant, the cans filled with products are sterilized, placing for some time in boiling water. If there is not enough time inside the containers, microbes can remain, which will subsequently cause turbidity of the brine. The second method, often used in practice, is to repeatedly pour products in a jar of boiling solution. It is recommended to perform a three-fold hot treatment, observing the necessary time interval between each stage. Therefore, insufficiently warmed cucumbers usually grow dull and wander in cans. Also the reason why the brine becomes turbid, may be in poorly closed lids with a breach of tightness. Perhaps it's because of a breakdown of the clogging machine or the damaged neck of the jar.

The third reason why the pickle in the cucumber becomes turbid: not the ingredients for the marinade

Do you always strictly follow the recipe ortake the components for conservation "by eye"? It is especially important to observe the correct proportions of vinegar or acid. After all, these ingredients ensure the safety of products for a long time. Also consider the quality of salt. Iodized usually always gives whitish sediment.

brittle pickle in marinated cucumber

The reason is the fourth, why the pickle in the cucumber becomes turbid: the choice of the vegetable variety

It turns out that this moment is also very muchmeans. After all, some varieties of cucumbers are intended only for use in fresh form. And when canning, they become hollow inside, which causes a change in the color of the liquid in the jars.

The reason is the fifth, why the pickle in the cucumbers becomes turbid: incorrect storage conditions

Winter blanks can not be left more thantwo or three days at room temperature. The most favorable temperature regime for storage rooms is from 2 to 7 degrees Celsius. Therefore, immediately after cooling the banks are put in a cellar or cellar.

If all conditions are met, you will not have unpleasant surprises after examining the stocks prepared for the winter.