Manty is a special dish. Perhaps, the people are uninitiated and consider them "just big dumplings", but this is far from being the case. No Uzbek will agree that manti can be cooked in water and stuffed with minced meat, passed through a meat grinder. No, these products from a thin dough are cooked exclusively for a couple, and inside they put nothing but chopped lamb meat, invariably sprinkled with zira. And a lot of onions. Very much - at least as much as lamb.

mantel sauce
After all, it is the onion that gives the mantas their famous juiciness. They eat them with their hands, but they serve with special gravies, which are called - sauce for manti.

Mantle sauces: recipe

And there are a lot of them: for every taste, using a variety of ingredients. Today we will tell you how to prepare a mantel sauce.

First option

One of the traditional sauces is a sauce made of bayonet. True, in our country this eastern sour milk product is not even widely known to anyone, let alone that a katik could be bought somewhere. However, it does not matter! It is perfectly forgivable to replace it with a mixture of sour cream with kefir or natural yoghurt without additives.

how to prepare mantel sauce
So, the sauce for manti from katyk. To get it, you need to mix not too fat sour cream with yoghurt (kefir) in equal parts, add a lot of finely chopped parsley and cilantro, squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic and season with black and red pepper.

Another sauce - called "Santan"

Not less popular and a sauce for manti "Santan". To make it, you will need vegetable oil, tomato paste, garlic and red hot pepper. The oil needs to be properly heated in a small bowl or saucepan. Separately mix a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste with ground pepper, squeeze out a few cloves of garlic. Pour the tomato mixture with hot vegetable oil and leave for 15 minutes, then pour on it with steaming manti.

Everyone knows a well-known Uzbek sauce

And, of course, the sauce for Uzbek mans. For him, you need to take a glass of broth, half a glass of tomato juice, 2 onions, a couple cloves of garlic, as well as vinegar, butter, bay leaves, ground pepper, dill and salt. This sauce for manti should be cooked. But first you should finely chop the onions, squeeze out the garlic, mix them with tomato juice and, adding broth and bay leaf, bring to a boil.

Uzbek mantle sauce
Cook over low heat for about 20 minutes,stirring occasionally, then remove from the plate, add salt, pepper, chopped dill and allow a little to stand under the lid. Then strain the warm sauce, add a slice of butter and a little vinegar and serve.

A hot option for those who like dishes with pepper

There is another sauce, sharp. He will need half a glass of refined oil, garlic, hot adzhika and black pepper. Garlic should be cut into thin plates, mixed with a tablespoon of Adzhika and add sunflower oil. Stir to a homogeneous consistency, pepper and allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes.

Onion-vinegar sauce is an easy option

This, by the way, is the simplest sauce for a dish such as manta rays. We need one bulb and 200 grams of vinegar. Onions must be finely chopped.

sauces for mantle recipe
Then you should send it to marinate in vinegar for about 20 minutes. Then you need to sprinkle with greens and dilute a little with cold water. That's all, the sauce is ready!

Mustard sauce

For those who love spicy dishes, we offerto cook mustard sauce. To create it, we need mustard, olive oil, sesame seeds and greens. Take the first two ingredients in proportions 2: 1 (mustard and olive oil). Mix, then add greens and sesame seeds. Then you need to mix everything thoroughly again.

Interesting remark

By the way, a little advice in the end - in onethe sauce should not dunk the manti. These products are eaten by hand. First bite the edge, as a result of which a hole is formed, into which a sauce is applied very gently with a spoon. If so there are manti, then you can feel the original taste of the dish. Note that the juice of meat is very appetizing mixed with any sauce.

A small conclusion

Enjoy your meal! We hope that you liked our recipes of sauces. You will be able to cook them without difficulty, which means that your family more than once regrets the sharp and sour gravy for the mantle. Do not be afraid to experiment - this is important!