Potatoes are one of the favorite root crops in Russia, so potato dishes in the oven are quite popular in our country.

Let's start with the simplest recipe.

Potatoes baked with dill

This dish is lean, so it is perfect forthose who observe the fast before Christmas and Holy Easter. So, for cooking, we need five potatoes of medium size, a bunch of fresh dill, a clove of garlic, vegetable oil and salt. Potatoes are cleaned, we cut them on top of the slices, but not to the end, so that the accordion does not fall apart. We chop the garlic, chop the greens, mix everything, salt, add vegetable oil and mix. The resulting stuffing is pushed between the accordion potatoes, we put it on the pan, we pour a little oil and bake in the oven. Preparation of potatoes in the oven does not take much time. Ready dish can be decorated with fresh herbs and served with tomato sauce.

Potatoes baked with cheese

Potatoes go well with cheese, sosuggest I consider the recipe dishes from potatoes in the oven with cheese. For cooking, we need 1 kg of potatoes, 200 grams of hard cheese (I use "Russian", it does not get bitter when melting), a couple of glasses of low-fat milk (2.5% fat), 1 egg, garlic cloves, pepper and salt.

First, peel the potatoes, cut themits circles 1 cm thick. Grate the cheese on a grater, combine half the cheese with potatoes, pepper and salt, mix everything thoroughly. In order to prepare a milk filling for this dish of potatoes in the oven, combine the milk, chopped garlic and egg. A little shake, but not much so that there is no foam. Then put the potatoes in a baking dish with high sides, pour milk-egg mixture and put in a preheated oven. When the potatoes become soft (I check with a match), take out the shape, lay out the remaining cheese on the potatoes and again put them in the oven for a couple of minutes. If you began to burn up the top, and potatoes raw - cover, if there is no cover - with foil. Ready to decorate the dish with herbs. Similarly, you can prepare dishes from potatoes in a microwave, they are not less delicious than in the oven.

Potatoes baked in the oven with mushrooms

For this dish, we need the followingIngredients: 1 kg of potatoes, 300 grams of champignons, a bunch of any greens, 100 ml of sour cream, three large onions, salt and spices. My potato, peel and cut into medium cubes. Mushrooms are also mine, crushed. Onions finely shink, combine with mushrooms, salt and fry over medium heat until half cooked. Greenery grind, add sour cream and spices, it turned out sour cream. In the baking dish we lay the potatoes, sprinkle a little oil, salt. On top, we spread fried mushrooms with onion and cover with sour cream. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes. The potatoes can also be tested with a match or toothpick.

Of course, the potato fits perfectly withmeat, but note that all recipes are given without using this ingredient, and as soon as you cook them, then immediately make sure that the dishes from the potato in the oven without meat are also very tasty.

Potatoes can be cooked in the oven inpots, while with the ingredients you can experiment. For example, combine potatoes, fish and other vegetables. You can prepare a vegetable stew with potatoes and chicken. My friends are cooking excellent lamb in the oven with potatoes, and without any spices.

I want to note that potatoes have appeared in Russiathanks to Peter I. It was he who ordered the peasants to grow potatoes instead of radishes, which they ate in boiled, baked form. The Russian people struggled for a long time with the emperor, but still later they got used to the taste of the overseas root crop. To date, we can not even imagine our table without the usual potatoes, so let's cook it delicious!