To date, salads, being colda dish made from a mixture of different vegetables, are found on almost every table, since this dish can be cooked at any time of the year and from various, edible foods that can be mixed in any combination.

At the same time,inexpensive salads, cooked for a short period of time. It should be said that the only requirement for this type of dishes is the compatibility of the taste characteristics of the ingredients used. It is also important to choose the right fuel.

Inexpensive salads

We can say that all inexpensive salads (recipessome of them will be considered in this article), before serving, salads, except for dishes made of strongly spicy greens and tender vegetables (they are seasoned with lemon juice).

Dishes served in the form of a snack, vegetables may not contain, and salads that serve to the second dishes, often contain a lot of greens, which can cause an appetite.

Consider some examples of how to prepare inexpensive salads.

1.Salat vitamin salad.

Ingredients: fifty grams of lettuce leaves, eighty grams of cherry tomatoes, twenty grams of radishes, salt and spices to taste. For refueling: five spoonfuls of olive oil, one spoonful of lime juice, two tablespoons of water.

All vegetables are washed and dried. Meanwhile, the refueling is being prepared. To do this, pour lime juice into the dishes, add oil, mix well, salt and pepper. Radish cut with ringlets, tomatoes - in two halves, everything is laid out in a bowl, seasoned, mixed well and spread on a dish, pre-laying on it lettuce leaves.

2. Greek salad.

Ingredients: two hundred grams of tomatoes, one hundred and fifty grams of cucumbers, one hundred grams of green pepper, fifty grams of red onions, fifty grams of olives, two hundred grams of chicken fillet, four tablespoons of olive oil, one hundred grams of Feta cheese, oregano to taste.

The fillets are fried, cut into cubes and cooled. Tomatoes and cucumbers are cut into large pieces, onion - half rings, pepper cut with straws, olives - in half. All products are mixed, add Feta cheese, season with oil and sprinkle oregano.

Delicious inexpensive salads

If there is absolutely no time, you can prepare inexpensive salads in a hurry.

1. Onion salad.

Ingredients: four onions, two eggs, salt and mayonnaise.

Onions are cleaned and cut into thin rings,scalded with boiling water so that it will lose bitterness. Eggs boiled hard, cleaned and cut into pieces, mixed with onions, added mayonnaise, salt and mix well.

Cheap Salads Recipes

2. Potato salad.

Ingredients: half a kilogram of boiled potatoes, fifty grams of onion green, dill and parsley, fifty grams of butter and vinegar.

Potatoes cut into strips, salt and pepper, watered with vinegar and oil. Top with dill, green onions and parsley.

Such inexpensive salads that can be servedsecond dishes, will please not only the hostess, but also her guests. And although they use fairly simple ingredients that can always be found in the refrigerator, the taste qualities from this only benefit.

Thus, at any time of the year and from any product, you can create tasty inexpensive salads, which will be a good addition to the main dishes.