Chicken with mushrooms in a multivark - tasty and satisfyingdish. For preparation it does not take much time and special culinary skills. If you decorate a dish beautifully, then it can be served on a festive table. The plus is that chicken meat is dietary meat, which means that it is suitable for baby food. And thanks to the preparation in the multivarquet, the meat will turn out juicy and tender, as if fresh from the oven. So, let's get started!

Required products:

chicken with mushrooms in the multivark

Chicken meat without bone - half a kilo, mushrooms (preferably champignons) - 300-400 g, onions - one head, cream - 200 milliliters, greens for your taste, salt and pepper, oils: vegetable and cream.

Step 1

Onions are cleaned, cut into half rings (you can also dice, as you prefer). Pour a little vegetable oil into the bowl of the multivark. We spread the onions and turn on the "fry" mode for forty minutes.

Step 2

Meat is good for washing in cold water, and then cut into small pieces. Meanwhile, our onions were roasted and acquired a golden color, we add fillets to it.

Step 3

Mushrooms finely chopped and put in multivarku. Immediately pour in the cream. With a pepper, salt. After the timer signal sounds, we add finely chopped greens. We set the timer for another 20 minutes in the "heating" or "steamer" mode.

Step 4

We put everything on the plate. This dish is perfectly combined with mashed potatoes or rice.

chicken with mushrooms and cheese
Chicken with mushrooms and cheese

Necessary products: chicken fillet - 1 kilogram, mushrooms (any) - 300 grams, cheese hard - 300 grams, sour cream - 150 grams, onion, prunes (to taste), greens, salt.

Step 1

Cut the greens and add it to sour cream.

Step 2

Fillet cut into large pieces and pour sour cream. Leave for 30 minutes.

Step 3

While the chicken is in the sauce, cook the mushrooms. Fry in a frying pan with a bow.

Step 4

We lubricate the container with oil and spread the fillets. We put on the "frying" regime. We are waiting for 15 minutes. Then, without turning the meat, put prunes, then mushrooms. We put on the "quenching" mode, wait 20 minutes. We rub cheese.

Step 5

When the chicken with mushrooms in the multivarquet is cooked, put it neatly on a plate and sprinkle with cheese. It turned out a tasty and satisfying dish, which everyone will like!

Chicken with mushrooms in a multivariate for lovers of exotics

This recipe is unusual combination of ingredients. Everyone is used to the standard cooking of meat. I offer your attention a recipe suitable for those who are not afraid to experiment with food!

chicken mushrooms cucumber
To create a delicious dinner, you need the following ingredients:

Chicken, mushrooms, pickled cucumber, potatoes, pineapplecanned. The number of ingredients can be changed at your discretion. I do this: meat - 1 kilogram, 2 cucumbers, 2 potatoes, 300 grams of mushrooms, 200 grams of pineapple without syrup.

So, let's get started!

Step 1

Cut the meat finely and fry together with the mushrooms in a frying pan until golden brown. We put it in the bowl.

Step 2

Potatoes and cucumbers cut into cubes. We put on top of meat with mushrooms. We put on the "quenching" mode, wait 20 minutes.

Step 3

After extinguishing, add the pineapple to the bowl. We put for another 15 minutes.

This chicken with mushrooms in the multivarquet is an independent dish, that is, the side dish will be superfluous. But the sauce does not hurt.

How to make a sauce for this dish?

The following components will be required: chicken broth - 50 grams, greens (dill, onion, basil) - to taste, eggs - 2 pieces, olive oil - 7-10 table spoons.


Beat the eggs in a foam, add oil by a thin stream. It turns out like a mayonnaise. Mix the greens with the broth. We connect 2 parts and beat well.

The dish is ready. Bon Appetit!