Pork is a product that allows you to make a nutritious and nutritious second course. In the article we will offer recipes for cooking it with a variety of sauces.

Pork in soy sauce has a large number of options for how to make a very tasty dish.

A universal recipe can be prepared forone hour. It will be necessary to cut the pork neck, the thickness of the pieces should not be more than three centimeters. After that, decompose the meat in one layer, add salt, add a variety of seasonings. Now pour everything with soy sauce and sprinkle with dry dill. If possible, it is better that the meat is marinated all night. After that, the form is sent to the oven and baked for forty minutes. Pork in soy sauce is ready. It will be possible before putting the dish to bake, overlay the meat with peeled potatoes.

You can offer another recipe, as preparedpork in soy sauce. To do this, it is recommended to cut finely chop ginger, onion, garlic. It will be best if the seasonings are finely grated; mix them thoroughly with wine, soy sauce and honey. Pork should be discarded and put in sauce. The optimum time needed for the meat to be marinated will be three hours. Then you should send it to the grill. Pork in soy sauce is served with French fries and vegetable garnish.

Guests will appreciate pork in soy sauce with apples. It will be necessary to prepare a complex seasoning from onions, carrots and garlic, cut with straw. Mix them with pepper; spices and dried herbs, which are recommended for pork; bay leaves, olive oil and soy sauce. Meat must be cut into large pieces and discourage so that the thickness is no more than a centimeter. Marinated pork should be at least two hours. After that, put the meat in a mold, on it - circles of apples. Top with sprinkle all the paprika and sprinkle a little soy sauce. Bake for no more than an hour.

You can diversify any dish from pork ifServe with hot separately cooked soy sauce. In a separate bowl squeeze out the lemon juice, add to it grated finely lemon zest, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, ketchup and ground pepper. Thoroughly mix everything and add a little broth. In a deep saucepan bring the sauce to a boil, pour into it a mixture of a teaspoon of flour and water. Stir it constantly, again dressing to warm, but do not bring to a boil.

Pork in tomato sauce is prepared in Italian in Italianvery simple. It will be necessary to fry the chopped onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes without peel, finely grated carrots in a deep saucepan. At the very end, add tomato paste, bay leaf, rosemary, oregano, ground pepper and broth. The sauce should boil and boil for about ten minutes. Now it is necessary to make a flour mix of broth and a large spoonful of flour. She gradually poured into the sauce, stirring very carefully so that there were no lumps. At this time in the other pan should be roasted pork, sliced ​​in small pieces. After the meat has browned, add a little broth and put it out until it is ready for about half an hour. When it's ready, add the pork to the sauce, bring it to a boil and turn it off. A great side dish will be boiled pasta.

Pork in honey-mustard sauce prepares quickly. It is necessary to mix mustard with grains, lemon juice, soy sauce, mayonnaise and honey. Pork cut into portions, discard it very thinly and send it to the sauce. Twenty minutes will be enough for the meat to be marinated. Next, we send everything to the heated oven together with the mixture, sprinkling on top with dry dill and rosemary. Pork in a honey-mustard sauce should be baked for fifty minutes.

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