Moscow is the capital of Russia, in this city there is everythingfor the organization of unforgettable leisure and rest. There is definitely no deficit in bars and restaurants. At present it is difficult to surprise someone with Italian, Japanese and even Mexican cuisine, but to find an institution where a real Uzbek pilaf is cooked is very problematic. Nevertheless, Uzbek restaurants in Moscow exist, many of them are very popular and in demand among Muscovites and guests of the capital. We want to talk more about them in the framework of this material.

Tea house "Peacock Mavlin"

Perhaps the most recognizable restaurant in the Uzbekkitchen in Moscow. It is a real oasis in the middle of a noisy and crowded metropolis. Here come all those who want privacy, tranquility. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the East with your head, spend time in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, the tea house "Peacock Mavlin" will be an excellent option. Traditional oriental interior and colorful Uzbek cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent.

Uzbek restaurants in Moscow

The concept of the institution is built on a harmoniouscombination of stunning taste of Uzbek dishes and affordable prices. Surely the restaurant will be one of your favorites. Interior - a feature of the institution. Getting here, you are immersed in the atmosphere of the true East with an abundance of textiles, natural fabrics, muted light and a charming aroma. Many believe that Uzbek restaurants in Moscow are oriented towards the older generation, but even the smallest visitors will be interested in it. They can have a great time in the games room, take part in master classes.

Address: Moscow, st. The Great Academic, 35.

«Food & chillout collection»

The best Uzbek restaurant in Moscow, invitingin a relaxing atmosphere, enjoy culinary masterpieces of authentic Uzbek cuisine. There is everything here to relax your soul and body. Spicy musical accompaniment in the best traditions of oriental culture will add to your evening color. This is an excellent option for quiet and relaxing family evenings, meetings, dinners with friends and colleagues, and even business negotiations. It's always quiet and peaceful.

Restaurant of Uzbek cuisine in Moscow

The menu is represented by a variety of Uzbek disheskitchen. Cooks regularly surprise their guests with a delicious serving of dishes and non-standard combinations. Many of those who managed to visit the restaurant, note that they are preparing the best pilaf in the city. The place clearly deserves due attention. Everyone who is not indifferent to the East and its traditions should visit here.

Address: Moscow, Kutuzovsky prospect, 36a, 1 floor


The best restaurants of Uzbek cuisine in Moscow are simplycould not do without the establishment of Tamerlan. It is named after the majestic commander of Tamerlane, which is reflected in the concept of the institution. All those who come here once, come back again and again. The secret of success is extremely simple and understandable - the kitchen. The cooks used the best Uzbek dishes as a basis: lagman, pilaf, dolma, tokosh, manti and diluted them with dishes of Russian and Caucasian cuisine. Here they cook according to original ancient recipes, honor traditions and customs, which is appreciated by all customers of the restaurant. The dishes offered in this institution are so delicious that even the most experienced connoisseur of oriental cuisine, a true gourmet, will never distinguish the pilaf cooked here, from what he will try on the street in Samarkand. Uzbek restaurants in Moscow are not numerous, but they are really worthy of attention.

The best Uzbek restaurant in Moscow

A comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is whatwill receive all the guests of the restaurant. They can sit on comfortable sofas, be surrounded by silk and brocade pillows and enjoy calm, pacifying music just as much as they want.

Address: Moscow, Petrovsky lines, 2/18, 1 floor

"Dried apricots"

Are you still looking for an Uzbek restaurant in Moscow? "Uryuk" - a fairly well-known institution in the city, located near the metro station Paveletskaya, almost in the heart of Moscow. The institution is bright, ambiguous, it offers its guests not only to enjoy culinary delights, but also to feel the atmosphere of old England, as well as admire the stunning views of Moscow.

Uzbek restaurant in Moscow - "Uryuk"

The menu of the restaurant is represented by traditional dishesUzbek cuisine, which absorbed centuries-old traditions, customs, color. The offered dishes are endowed with common features, but each of them remains unique, with its own taste. Cooks use products of excellent quality, honor traditions and customs of cooking masterpieces, thanks to which there is always a full house.

Address: Moscow, Valovaya, 3, page 1


Want to know what other Uzbek restaurants inMoscow, worthy of your attention? "Samarkand" - standing in all senses institution with the eastern name. The unique oriental style combined with colorful Uzbek cuisine is the main secret of the institution's success. Here they know for sure that real Uzbek cuisine is not just a set of original recipes and the following recipe, but a true way of life, which every corner of the institution must permeate. The best chefs work here, who regularly pamper their guests with stunning recipes.

Uzbek restaurants: reviews

"Samarkand" - a piece of the present Uzbekistan incenter of Moscow. The place is so colorful that from here you just do not want to leave: it's so peaceful and comfortable here. Correctly knead the dough for flat cakes, cut the noodles and cook real pilaf - the skills that Uzbek cooks acquire from early childhood in their family. And, of course, the color of the institution adds hookah, an abundance of textiles, transparent chiffon curtains, brocade cushions.

Address: Moscow, Mira Avenue, 48 st.6


If you want to get into this easterna fairy tale, to celebrate a grandiose event - safely choose a restaurant "Uzbekistan" on Neglinnaya street. Stunning interior, created in the best traditions of the East - something that captivated the hearts of visitors. This is a place where you can serve fabulous dishes of national cuisine and perform a charming and bewitching belly dance. Above the interior there worked real masters who managed to reproduce real oriental patterns, decorate the room with natural silk, organza, brocade, pave the floors with expensive carpets - it turned out luxuriously.

Best Uzbek Restaurants in Moscow

Here you can enjoy the traditionalUzbek cuisine, smoke a hookah and taste delicious drinks. The place is stunning, incredibly beautiful, with a unique charming atmosphere. If you are passionate about the East, be sure to visit it.

Address: Moscow, Neglinnaya, 29 p.5


And here is another restaurant of Uzbek cuisine in Moscowwith a refined atmosphere. "Hayam" - the institution is represented by spacious halls, hookah and karaoke bar. A great place for those who want to relax, have a good time and have a great time in the company of friends and relatives. All guests can retire in small "booths", decorated with brocade cloth.

The menu is represented by dishes of oriental cuisine. Here you can taste real lagman, shish kebab, dolma, aromatic pastry - anything that your heart desires. Be sure to check into this eastern corner in the heart of Moscow.

Address: Moscow, 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 40

Summing up

We presented to your attention the best Uzbekrestaurants. Reviews of each of them only confirm the stunning atmosphere of the true East and excellent cuisine. Each restaurant is ideal for friendly meetings, quiet evenings, as well as more solemn and grandiose events.