Have you ever tried rabbit meat? No? Very in vain. Despite the fact that this type of meat is considered one of the most low-calorie and dietary products, it is in demand with many culinary connoisseurs. It's easy to cook a delicious rabbit. The main thing in this process is not to lose dietary qualities and vitamins. It is in the dishes of the rabbit that such characteristics as excellent taste and benefit for the organism are combined.

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Cook a delicious rabbit

Rabbit is the best option for those whoadheres to a diet. The diet of a small child will not do without it. Than it is caused? Rabbit meat is very easy to digest, about 30% faster than veal, and has hypoallergenic properties. Prepare delicious rabbit under the power of everyone, not even very experienced culinary. Let's find out why some families refuse such a delicacy.

Many housewives do not want to use rabbit meatin the home menu, because they think that it takes too much time to prepare it. This is a misconception: there are many ways that you can easily reduce the time period to a minimum. How to cook a rabbit quickly and tasty? The following recipe is quite simple and does not require much time or money. This dish is suitable for children's menu, as when cooking it does not use anything harmful to the body of the child.

Quick and easy recipes

You will need: rabbit, onions, salt, apples, potatoes, bell peppers and herbs. In principle, that's all. But if you want to experiment, you can add other ingredients, for example, mayonnaise or sour cream, various spices and vegetables. Yes, for cooking you still need a sleeve for baking. It is this method that will allow rabbit meat not to lose its juiciness and preserve useful properties at a high level.

Prepare the rabbit quickly and tasty
So, let's begin. The rabbit must be divided into portions, salt, pepper, add onions, cut into large rings, greens, potatoes and apples. Now all this must be put in the sleeve for baking. Do not forget to make a few holes in it with a needle. This is necessary for the steam to escape during the cooking process, otherwise the sleeve may burst. Next, we place the rabbit in the oven for about 1.5 hours at a temperature of 200-220 degrees. That's all! After an hour and a half, a tasty and very useful dish will be on your table. Use this recipe and you will have a chance to cook a delicious rabbit.

If you do not like cooking in the windcabinet, that is, the option of extinguishing. Real jam! The recipe is also quite simple. It requires the following products: rabbit, onions and carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes (or tomato paste), salt and pepper, favorite spices and bay leaf. In a deep frying pan vegetables are fried, after which meat, salt and pepper are added (to taste). Yes, do not forget to add some water. The fire is reduced to a minimum, so that the contents of the frying pan slightly boil. In an hour your rabbit will be ready. Ten minutes before the meal, put the bay leaf. You can serve stewed rabbit with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, pasta or buckwheat porridge.

How tasty to cook a rabbit photo
Your loved ones will surely appreciate the new recipes fordignity, because you now know how delicious to cook a rabbit. Photos of ready-made dishes will help you evaluate the final result. But do not try to achieve full compliance with the picture, because every housewife adds to any recipe its own flavor. Dare to experiment and do not forget to share with your friends especially successful options.

Our recipes will help you cook a delicious rabbit and preserve the useful properties of this dietary product.