If we designate mulled wine as simply a hot winewith different additives, it will be wrong. This is a completely unique drink, the preparation of which is always a holiday. It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question: "How to cook mulled wine?", Because there are many recipes. And there is not one list of products that you can use. In hot wine, you can add anything your heart desires. But, as a rule, use three to four ingredients and your own imagination.

how to cook mulled wine

How to cook mulled wine?

Having prepared mulled wine at least once in your life, youbecome his fan until the end of his days. What can you cook it from? The set can include: wine, rum, liqueur, vodka, coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, anise, orange, lemon, cinnamon ... These components of your future masterpiece can be combined in different proportions, so the taste of the final product will always be unique.

Prepare mulled wine at home easiersimple. You can boil it on wine, but you can dilute it with ordinary water (that was more). On a cheerful friendly party, guests can be invited to make their own drink recipe. And for this it will only need a saucepan, wine and a set of spices to taste. So, answering the question about how to prepare mulled wine at home, we serve the simplest recipe.

In a saucepan, pour in a bottle (0.7 l) of wine, redor white - it does not matter, take it at your discretion. Add 150 grams of sugar, juice of 1-2 lemons (or sliced ​​fruit) and heat. To boil it is not necessary, to remove from the fire when the steam begins to appear abundantly. We pour out on glasses and serve.

how to cook mulled wine at home

The name for the masterpiece

So, how to cook mulled wine, it is understandable. If you did not use the ready-made drink recipe, but made up your own, you need to come up with a name for it. Often the name is given to him, based on the composition. So, non-alcoholic mulled wine is obtained on the basis of tea, natural juices, compotes. These are children's drinks, and for adults you can cook something hot. For example, "Rainbow alcohol", adding different types of alcohol, "Coffee joy", "Sea mulled wine" (with rum), "Oriental" (with a whole bouquet of spices), "New Year" or "Christmas" (with citrus) and so on . Also, you can give your own invention the name or name of a loved one. Why not?

to cook mulled wine at home

How to cook mulled wine is a whole science. However, it is easy to master and then enjoy the long winter evenings with this fairy tale. Here are a few rules that will help you prepare a divine drink:

  • You can not add boiling water to a drink. It is better to boil it in advance with spices, fruits and sugar, insist and filter, and only then add alcohol. After that, the whole mixture is again heated to a temperature of 60-80 degrees.
  • From the dishes, give preference to the enamel saucepan, white from the inside, and pour the mulled wine conveniently with a ladle or special dipper.
  • Snacks. To mulled wine, almost everything is suitable: biscuits, seafood, crackers, crackers, cakes. This type of alcohol is rather weak, so you can do without soups, fatty meat, cutlets, mashed potatoes.
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