For any celebration and celebration, you can prepare a salad with smoked chicken. And this salad is very nutritious, which is especially true with a large number of guests.

Very good is a salad in the winter,when on holidays usually there is podnadoevshee olivier. Salad with smoked chicken is a great alternative to boring dishes. Interpretations of salad with smoked chicken are many, each salad looks like an independent dish, which is fundamentally different in taste due to the added ingredients.

The simplest is a salad with smoked chicken andchampignons. To make a salad, you need to take smoked chicken breast with white meat and champignons. Chicken need about seven hundred grams, and champignons - one kilogram. Here we take into account the fact that when frying mushrooms lose a lot of water, so by weight they need to be taken with a margin.

For the preparation of lettuce mushrooms andclean, fry in vegetable oil and in a frying pan a little podsalivaem. While the mushrooms are being roasted, we clean the chicken breast from the meat and cut it into thin pieces. Fried mushrooms and chicken we put together and cut salad onions in half rings. All this water with mayonnaise and stir. In order for the salad to soak, it must be placed in the refrigerator until the guests arrive.

The same salad with smoked chicken can be a littlechange and get an unforgettable to taste dish. The same fried champignons and smoked chicken are combined with grated hard cheese and pieces of canned pineapple. Salad dressing with mayonnaise and in the refrigerator. Separately, I note that salads with smoked chicken, which are seasoned with mayonnaise, it is better to always serve cold, but a warm smoked chicken with cheese and mushrooms - warm.

For salads with chicken have recentlyapply and Korean carrots. Salads with smoked chicken and Korean carrots are firmly in the arsenal of modern housewives, which can proudly boast. And here is the recipe for this wonderful dish. One kilogram of champignons mine and cut into large slices. About six hundred to seven hundred grams of smoked chicken cut into pieces and put in a container, where we will mix everything. In the meantime, we set to cook ten eggs. While the eggs are boiled, and the mushrooms are fried, rub three hundred grams of hard cheese on a large grater. Now everything can be mixed: cheese, chicken, Korean carrots, mushrooms and diced eggs. Salad should not be salted, because the smoked chicken and cheese are salty in themselves.

Another salad with smoked chicken, but moreeasy, you can cook easily and quickly. For this salad you need one can of canned corn, two fresh cucumbers, a dozen eggs, three hundred grams of cheese and, of course, a smoked chicken. It is best to take smoked buns - they have "red meat", which is much better chewed and the salad will taste better. Eggs need to be cut finely, and cucumbers - a little larger, otherwise they can "drain" and the salad will be watery. The cheese is rubbed on a large grater, and the chicken itself is cut into medium pieces. All together, combine, season with mayonnaise, salt as needed.

If these salads after a while will bother,then for a change you can make a salad with smoked chicken and grapefruit. This salad is somewhat unusual, it is distinguished by an advantageous combination of fruits and meat. For lettuce we take three hundred grams of chicken meat from the thighs, a half cup of boiled rice, one grapefruit and half a glass of pine nuts. We chop the chicken into small pieces, we also cut grapefruit. In the salad bowl add chicken and grapefruit, nuts, boiled rice and fill with a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise equally. To decorate the top you can cut the greens and tear the salad. Bon Appetit!