Cabbage is a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Salads made from cabbage are easy and nutritious. They can be made from several vegetables, but can consist only of cabbage. All vegetables for salads should be used in raw form - cabbage, celery, green peas, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers ... Optionally, the dish can include an apple, orange or berries. Especially relevant are salads in winter and spring, when vitamins in the body begin to be missed. We offer to prepare several light salads from this vegetable.

Cabbage salad with vinegar

To prepare two servings, take a half-kilogramwhite cabbage, a little greens (for decoration), sugar and salt (to taste), two large spoons of vinegar and the same amount of vegetable oil. Cabbage shred and put in a cup or salad bowl. To make the salad tastier, shred should be as thin as possible, and the length of the pieces does not play any role. Shredded cabbage should be sprinkled with salt and crumpled with hands, but not much, but before the appearance of juice. This cabbage salad with vinegar is not prepared soon. The fact is that the cabbage chopped for salad should be pre-salt for a while, and then marinate in a dressing made of apple or wine vinegar, butter and sugar.

Cabbage salad with vinegar and carrots

To make a salad you need to take 100 gramscabbage and the same carrots, half a teaspoon of honey and ready-made mustard, 30-40 grams of celery (salty) and a bit of fresh parsley, a bit of a bite. Cabbage shred, put in a cup and pounded until soft with a wooden pestle, carrots cut with long thin strips and mixed with cabbage. Add finely chopped parsley and other ingredients. All mix and season with vinegar. Salad from cabbage with vinegar has a pleasant acidity and sharpness.

To give the dish a new flavor, you can fill it with various sauces, mayonnaise or sour cream.

Cabbage salad with wester or soy sauce

Sometimes for a salad the main component becomessauce. As, for example, in this recipe. Shink 300 grams of cabbage, grate one medium carrot on a grater, cut the onions into half rings. And now we are preparing the sauce. For him, we need six tablespoons of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of ketchup, milk and soy sauce (better than Wooster's) and, oddly enough, six tablespoons of crushed canned pineapple or corn in a blender. All the compound sauce is mixed and seasoned with cabbage. Salad ready! You can make a salad of cabbage with vinegar.

Salad from cabbage and mayonnaise

Cabbage finely shred, crab sticks (onepack) cut into small cubes, three on a grater one fresh cucumber, two eggs, hard-boiled, cut into cubes. Mix everything, add canned corn (drain the liquid), season with mayonnaise or sour cream. You can add onions, both green and bulky - but it's to your liking. You can fill this salad with olive oil - it will give the dish a satiety, but will not add calories.

"Autumn" cabbage salad with tomatoes and sweet pepper

As the name suggests, a salad can be rolled upfor the winter, and can be closed with capron lids and put in the refrigerator for storage. This salad has one incredible property - the longer it costs, the tastier it becomes. On two liter cans you need to take a kilogram of cabbage and 500 grams of tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers, 50 grams of garlic, half a cup of sugar, two large spoons of vinegar, sunflower unrefined oil, salt, pepper (to taste).

Vegetables are cut, mixed in a basin or a pan,salt, sprinkle with pepper and well knead. Sugar is bred with vinegar, added to vegetables and mixed. Then pour in the oil and mix again. Salad from cabbage with pepper and tomatoes is laid out on sterile cans and closed with lids.