Recollect such a familiar and familiar smell of homecookies, which my mother baked on holidays or weekends ... And the unique taste of homemade "toffee", cooked independently from secreted from the pantry jars with condensed milk. To briefly return to childhood and again feel like a sweet tooth, try to cook a delicious, effective and not requiring special culinary talent delicacy - cookies with boiled condensed milk. The recipe for "nuts" with this filling is suitable both for baking with electric wafer, and for cooking on a gas stove in the remaining special form from old times.

Cookie dough

If you decide to make a cookie with boiled condensed milk, first prepare the short pastry. It will require:

  • eggs of medium size - 2 pcs .;
  • half a glass of sugar;
  • flour - 2-2,5 glasses;
  • 200 g of butter (it is allowed to replace it with the same amount of margarine, but the taste of the finished cookie from this deteriorates);
  • half a teaspoon of baking soda, previously extinguished in vinegar.

Melt the melted butter in a water bath withsugar and the soda in the vinegar. The composition should be foamed for a short time. In a separate bowl, stir the eggs (just mix, not beat), add a mixture of butter and sugar and pour the resulting mass into a larger bowl.

Now add flour there in small portions,each time carefully kneading the composition. Do not try to pour all the normal flour: it should be so much that the resultant dough is not too tight, at the same time it could easily form balls - blanks for future nuts.

Baking in the form

If the farm does not have a specialelectric wafer, use the usual, familiar from childhood device, to cook a cookie "nuts" in the form on the gas. When you acquire skill, the result will not be worse. Put the mold on the included plate and lightly heat it, oil it. Grease for lubrication should not be much, since the excess during baking will flow out and begin to burn.

cookies with boiled condensed milk recipe

Form small balls of dough with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm and place each in the groove of the mold. Specifically determine the size and make adjustments will be possible after the production of the first batch of cookies.

Billet for the product "cookies with boiledcondensed milk "reminds half of a nut shell. Bake them in the form on a small fire in the following order: first from the side where the grooves are located (2 min.), And then from the opposite (1 min). After this time, open the mold cover and look at the color of the product. If it has acquired a golden brown tinge - remove from heat.

cookies nuts in the form of gas
Finished halves into a bowl, allow to cool and cut the excess of dough from the edges, forming a neat shell.

Cream of boiled condensed milk

When you cook cookies with boiled condensed milk, inas a basis for the preparation of the cream can be used as a finished product purchased in the store, and also cooked independently from the usual canned condensed milk. To do this, the jar is placed in a pot of water, brought to a boil and boiled for three hours, periodically pouring water, so that the tin is always under its surface.

The ready "toffee" is cooled, mixed with whipped cream butter (100 g), finely chopped roasted walnuts (three quarters of a glass) and chopped scraps of the finished biscuit.

cookies with boiled condensed milk

Cookies with boiled condensed milk are almost ready. It remains to fill the filling with the ready halves of "nuts" and glue them together with cream. At you it will turn out 35-40 whole products. Put them on a dish, brew strong tea and, together with the family, enjoy a forgotten taste from childhood.