In each city there is a list of places thatwill be remembered with bright and unforgettable impressions. Kazan does not depart from this rule either. "Tatar farmstead" is a restaurant where you want to spend every spare minute. More details about its services, prices and conditions can be found in the article below.

Location and mode of operation

Sometimes for a good holiday you need very little- nice atmosphere, tasty food and good service. Visitors are looking for a place in which they can surround themselves with comfort, coziness and care. The restaurant "Tatarskaya Usadba" (Kazan) opens its doors to those wishing to enjoy their pastime. Address of this place: Shigabutdin Mardzhani street, 8.

Kazan Tatar farmstead

The institution is located in Vakhtovsky district, in 700meters from the metro station "Tukaya Square". The restaurant receives many positive responses in its direction, because the services that it provides, their variety and quality allow a really good rest. In this place are ready to meet both regular visitors and new faces from 11 am to midnight from Sunday to Thursday and to 2 nights on Friday and Saturday.


The restaurant "Tatarskaya Usadba" (Kazan) is notjust an institution in which you can taste delicious food and sit in a wonderful atmosphere. At this point, guests are given a whole complex, which also houses a hotel, a gallery and a museum. It is located in the building of the Sabitov estate, which completely justified its name: the perfect transfer of the color of the manor of the Tatar merchant makes recreation in the complex vivid and full. In the restaurant visitors can be accommodated in five halls: "Winter Garden", from which a breathtaking view of the Lake Kaban, "Izba", where you can feel yourself a guest of ancient village dwellings, a karaoke room, a summer terrace and a main hall with a large wood stove.

restaurant tatar manor Kazan

The latter is a special pride of the institution,after all, what is in it reflects the traditions of the founder of the Tatar cuisine, Yu. Akhmetzyanov. This restaurant can be proud of Kazan. "Tatar manor" pursues an important goal - to remind and show the modern generation of national traditions, which for many lost in the past. Also on the territory there is a touching zoo, which can be visited absolutely free of charge. On weekends from 12 pm to 4 pm, the youngest guests of the restaurant are given the opportunity to become a member of the entertainment program and learn something new at the culinary master classes.


Not many institutions can show whichamazing can be Kazan. "The Tatar farmstead" is one of those. The decoration of its halls is worthy of the highest praise, because the interior in a restaurant can really be called a work of art. Everyone who crosses his threshold, plunges into the world of Tatar national life.

Tatar manor Kazan

The institution took care that the halls werespacious and filled with light. Each element perfectly merges into the overall situation. Comfortable sofas with bright upholstery, white tablecloths, interesting wall coverings, forged lamps, candles and small details - all this creates a separate world in the restaurant "Tatar estate", which makes the place special and unique. The banquet hall is more luxurious in decoration. With stucco on the ceilings, elegant furniture in light colors, crystal chandeliers and gilded bra, events and great celebrations are remembered by the beauty and style of the surrounding.


The restaurant "Tatarskaya Usadba" (Kazan) offersits visitors to taste dishes of European, Russian, Italian and, of course, Tatar cuisine. Many of them are cooked on the stove. This culinary rule survived the century and was perfectly realized in the institution. Some of the presented options are author's masterpieces of local chefs. Their professionalism allows us to embody interesting and even insane ideas, as a result of which guests enjoy an unusual taste combination, and the staff - with their smiles. The restaurant must be visited without fail by anyone who wants to discover Kazan. "Tatar farmstead" is an incredible aroma of food with haze and a real gastronomic delight. In the institution you can try hot and cold snacks, salads, soups, meat and fish dishes, diet dishes, pizza, pasta and risotto, side dishes, sauces and desserts. In the menu you can often find a gentle tartar from Norwegian salmon for 370 rubles, salad from tomatoes and leaves romano for 280 rubles, a lamb rack for 850 rubles, chicken wings "Buffalo" and other presented masterpieces. The restaurant also offers visitors a rich wine list. The average check is 2,500 rubles.


It is difficult to describe what happens in the wallsrestaurant "Tatarskaya Usadba" (Kazan). Photos of this place can not convey its atmosphere, and this is another reason to cross the threshold of the institution. A warm and friendly atmosphere is created not only by a thoughtful interior.

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Due to the attentive attitude of the staff atEach guest gets the impression that he was long waited and ready to serve as a special visitor. But in fact it is. In the restaurant "Tatarskaya Usadba" you can get new emotions and fill them with a coin box of happy moments in life. Positively affect the impressions of frequent show programs, where bright songs and dances brighten up a simple meal and saturate the evening with new colors.


About institutions are best not talking articles, andwords of their real visitors. Restaurant "Tatar estate" (Kazan), reviews of which are constantly replenished with eulogies, tries to do everything to make guests feel the best way. Many celebrate for themselves a colorful kitchen, some especially liked the interior, others were delighted with the service.

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Opportunities to carry out a variety of activities,starting with gatherings with friends, a romantic dinner and ending with weddings, anniversaries and graduation parties, make the restaurant "Tatar estate" a favorite place for a large number of its guests. However, some were noticed and misses in the work of the institution. For example, visitors did not always see before themselves those portions, the size of which is indicated in the menu. But this should not be a problem for a good rest, especially since after contacting the staff it will be eliminated.