Fragrant chicken, scented wings or spicy legs - what to cook for dinner? Chicken chop in breadcrumbs - a wonderful budget and fast option for all household members.

Selection of ingredients

First we choose chicken. For otbivnushek fit and breast, and meat, separated from the bone of the leg. It's a matter of taste. If the breast seems dry, then it will be necessary to tinker with legs. The fillet should be dense and elastic, without foreign odors. The best choice will be a young chicken grown in its own yard. If this is excluded, then the bird from a trusted producer is a good option.

Breadcrumbs can be bought at the store ormanufacture by yourself. This product, despite the simplicity of the composition, easily spoils. Keep track of the date of manufacture. Rancid taste or uncharacteristic smell - the main trouble of shop-breading. Chops from chicken fillet in bread crumbs of home production will be more delicious and aromatic. It is necessary to brown the pieces of hard-boiled bread in the oven, chop the blender - and win-win breading is ready. Bakery products with a high sugar content will not work. Sweet notes in the dish will be superfluous.

Chicken meat can be replaced with a turkey, but it is a mistake to believe that the dish will be dietary. Heat treatment in the form of roasting in oil is the enemy of proper nutrition.

chicken in breadcrumbs

Casual recipe

Chicken steak in breadcrumbs hasa variety of subtleties of cooking. It is important to know that the purpose of breading is to "seal" the meat so that the latter retains all the juices in itself as much as possible. And then even the most dry chicken breast will turn out extremely tender. So, the chicken fillets were washed, dried with a napkin, beaten off with a hammer. Next to your taste salted, peppered, rolled in homemade breadcrumbs and laid in a frying pan with warmed sunflower oil. It was bruised on the one hand, without covering the frying pan, turned over, browned on the other side. Meat of chicken is quickly prepared, therefore it is not necessary to dry it strongly. Cover the lid for a couple of minutes for cooking, in order to stew a bit of the batter and at the same time not to spoil the crust.

chicken chops in a frying pan

Holiday recipe

A festive option will not take long. It is only necessary to pre-marinate chicken chops. In the frying pan let it be olive oil, and instead of breadcrumbs - sesame seed. That's all the features. For marinating you can use a mixture of lime, salt and pepper. Lemon, balsamic vinegar or soy sauce perfectly emphasize the taste of the bird. The process of pickling should not be long - 20 minutes is enough. Dip the pieces of meat into whipped whites. This is necessary to ensure that the sesame seed is firmly attached. Roll in sesame and send to a frying pan. Fry on both sides and serve to the table along with the garnish.

chicken fillet chops in breadcrumbs


Favorite mashed potatoes and chicken steakin breadcrumbs - a classic of the genre of the Russian feast. Even despite the advice of nutritionists who claim that these products are incompatible. In fact, few people know that initially high-calorie potato was considered a delicacy with a measure of consumption of not more than 1-2 tubers. Vegetable side dishes will be useful and no less tasty addition. Stewed vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower or white cabbage, zucchini, zucchini, eggplant - the choice is huge. Fresh seasoned salad or usual seasonal slicing is a light summer garnish. For winter - frozen frozen vegetables with rice. Experiment, make variety in everyday dishes, and then even a regular chicken chop in breadcrumbs will become your culinary masterpiece.